Queen Elizabeth ll would have died at the age of 95, speculation grows

After his contagion of the virus a few days ago, the Queen Isabel He has already canceled several royal commitments, due to the appearance of symptoms, which has worried the entire country who fear the worst. This was further intensified when the BBC changed its logo to blackprompting rumors of death of the Queen Isabel.

And it is that, for a few hours and without giving any explanation, the main account of the networks of the bbc londonthe nearest news outlet in the Buckingham Palacechanged its logo with a black background, which raised the alarm of users on social networks about the health of the Queen Isabel.

Immediately, users from all over the world, including Latin America, began to question the media about an alleged death of the longest-living monarch in history, about publications that even have nothing to do with the royalty.

In addition, Isabel’s name became a trend on Twitter due to the large number of tweets and conversations of concern for the life of the mother of the Prince carlos and grandmother of prince william and the prince harry.

But what about Queen Elizabeth?

So far, the Royal Palacenot even BBC They have issued no comment regarding the rumors, nor has it been clarified what the state of health of Queen Elizabeth is at the moment. However, the chief of staff of the House of Lords, Dayo Okewale, wrote a tweet on Tuesday afternoon where he spoke about the alleged death of the queen.

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“There is no credible source to verify this. #False,” she emphasized.

However, Twitter users have filled the social network with numerous messages of concern about the health status of the Queen Isabeland have even ventured to make fun of memes.

What does the Palace say?

So far, no official statements have emerged from any member of royalty, or bulletins in this regard. However, this morning the Duchess of Cambridge reappeared, Kate Middleton at a public event, smiling and carefree, as usual.

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Through the official account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the mother of the prince george, Princess Charlotte and prince louis images were shared Kate Middleton with the Queen of Denmark, Margaret II; and the Crown Princess.

“Joining the Queen of Denmark and the Crown Princess in celebrating a jubilee year for both the UK and Denmark – a Golden Jubilee here in Denmark and a Platinum Jubilee for Her Majesty the Queen in the UK. Thank you for the warm welcome,” the post reads.

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Queen Elizabeth ll would have died at the age of 95, speculation grows