Regina Blandón showed “her old age up close”: this is how she answered those who criticize her for getting older

However, this vulnerability and transparency with the photos and videos that she shares on social networks also make her a target of criticism and judgment from various Internet users.

In this sense, the 31-year-old actress was recently criticized for looking “old” in one of her photos. The comment was relevant, because Blandón not only dedicated a written response to her follower, but also a video in which she showed her “old age up close”.

Regina Blandón responded to criticism of her age

The actress shared in her Instagram stories a comment that initially flatters her beauty, but adds a criticism of her physique.

“You’re super pretty, but you look old!! Maybe it’s the hair color ”she reads. Regina took advantage of this comment to give a message of her own love where she invites her followers to normalize aging.

He also delved into the importance of not commenting on the physical appearance of others.

“Let’s normalize birthdays… People, every year, we turn a year older than the one we already had, we grow and age. For example, this year I will turn 32 on July 25 and then I will turn 33 on July 25 and so on. And every day of the year, until your next birthday arrives, you can do something: you can repeat and repeat yourself and make plans with the phrase: DON’T THINK ABOUT THE PHYSICAL APPEARANCE OF OTHERS. I recommend it to you. Blessings. Happy early birthday”.

Regina Blandón showed her “old age up close” with a fun video

The actress’s message is no longer available on her Instagram profile, because the Internet user deleted her comment.

However, this did not prevent Regina Blandón from giving us one more answer on the subject, with which she gave free rein to her sense of humor.

The actress published a video where she showed her face without filters and as close as possible to the camera. At this angle, Blandón took the opportunity to make a series of gestures with which she showed the lines of expression on her skin. “I leave my old age close to you,” she wrote.

This message of self-love from Regina Blandón is added to many more posts with which the actress not only seeks to create awareness about the importance of being noble with our physical appearance, but also shares that she also has a hard time sometimes.

For example, a year ago, on April 11, 2021, Blandón published some top photos, where she embraced her vulnerability and expressed that the same photo can make her feel beautiful and happy, but it can also lead her to criticize herself harshly.

“I was singing and dancing alone and I was very happy and I said “look, I really feel beautiful today” and I took the photos and continued with my activities. And I saw them the next day, raw, and in chinga I said: “it’s that what eggs: my leg looks fat, it’s that the belly, it’s that the fish in the back, it’s that I should be thinner, it’s that why I don’t feel like it anymore.”

The actress explained that since she was a girl she has harshly criticized her body. However, she is in the process of being able to be more noble with him, something that little by little has been noticed.

An example of this is a message that he shared two months after this post. With a photo in a black and white bikini, the actress invited her followers to love her bodies.

“Love your bodies. As well as they are, they are kids.”

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Regina Blandón showed “her old age up close”: this is how she answered those who criticize her for getting older