René Strickler is happy with the preparations for the wedding of her son and her husband

René Strickler confessed his emotion being part of the preparations for the party where will commemorate the wedding of his son Yannick and his partner Manuel Alonso Cárdenaswho were already married, but had not celebrated with their loved ones.

The actor revealed that the event will take place in the state of Yucatan, Mexico: “We were in Merida looking for the place where he is going to get married, I accompanied him, watching the food, the dj, the photographer, so cool […] We were looking to see if we could find a farm where the wedding would take place,” Edén Dorantes told the journalist.

The couple made their courtship public in November 2021, when they shared images of their engagement, but they have been in a relationship for six years: “They have been together for many years, Yannick and Manolo are already married and now there is nothing more to do with the party part, that we are all going to have fun,” he added in the interview.

René Strickler wants grandchildren

The 59-year-old actor confessed that he is excited that one day his children will make him a grandfather.

“I’d love to have a grandson, I’m like a grandpa dad, I have a 5 year-old childbut I enjoy it and it has injected me with a lot of energy, a grandson would come to inject me with more energyI love children, for me I would have five more children, sometimes you can’t,” he said with a laugh.

Yannick and Manolo have the unconditional support of the actor

the protagonist of ‘The privilege of loving’ He assured that he maintains a very close relationship with his eldest son and his son-in-law.

“I adore them, I go to see them not as often as I would like, but I stay with them at home, they have been together for many years, I adore him, his family, he has a spectacular family, very beautiful and when they come here we get together , they stay at home, really we have a great relationship“He told Eden Dorantes.

“I wish you the best always […] I always say that we come to this world to be happy, it is the most important thing,” he added.

The advice to have a stable marriage

Strickler shared with the media the advice he gave his son to make his relationship with Manolo last.

Lots of dialogue, lots of communicationis the most important […] Have patiencebut thank God they have been together for several years, they made it known recently, but I think they have been there for 6 years, so it is already a very lasting relationship.

René Strickler regrets the situation experienced by the LGBTI+ community

The actor showed his empathy with the community and assures that there is still much to be done, and he is also willing to do “his grain of sand”.

“There have been very big changes, thank God, there is already an opening, there is already recognition, but there is still a lot to go […] It is sad, we live in a totally free world and there are places that seem to be in prehistory, but well, thank God it is changing and if I can contribute a grain of sand so that a change of life can also take place, “he sentenced the press

René Strickler is the father of three children: Yannick (29 years old) and Andrik (27), product of his marriage to Patricia Rangel; and the youngest Ian (5), whom he procreated with his current partner Rubí Cardoso. On her part, she has a daughter named Jade (16) and the actor considers her her own.


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René Strickler is happy with the preparations for the wedding of her son and her husband