Resident attacked J Balvin: he criticized him like never before in his new song

The subject in question? ‘RESIDENT || BZRP Music Sessions #49’, which premiered on March 3, 2022 in a video of more than 8 minutes that includes a series of controversial messages against J Balvin, whom he described as “failed” and “racist”.

What do the lyrics of the new Resident song against J Balvin say?

Residente is known for not mincing words, something that became fully visible in his new song against J Balvin, whom he criticized from his teeth to his work as a singer.

At the start of ‘RESIDENT || BZRP Music Sessions # 49 ‘, in chapter one, Residente shows off the place he has earned in music and the impact he has with his songs.

Likewise, he declares that nothing is going to be silenced. A good warning for all the “trash” that she has prepared for the singer of ‘In da Getto’.

“But as always the shit comes out. I’m prepared to give these pot blowers until the cartridge runs out… Even my brother Don knows that there is only one Kin Kong in rap”.

Later, René makes it clear that he and J Balvin, whom he still does not mention by name, are not the same.

“You and I are not the same. I do not believe in the stars of digital platforms. Not even on your cake cream billboards. Not even in your Dolce Gabbana and Cartier Instagram stories.”

Before starting chapter two, entitled ‘My weapons are my lyrics’, Residente warns that he is ready to dedicate some verses to a couple of people. “Since I’m leaving right now, I’m going to take a couple before I leave”

The Puerto Rican singer does not hesitate to criticize the creativity of J Balvin, something that he had previously warned when he said that the Colombian singer needed a group of composers to write a single song, unlike him and many more who are the authors of his songs.

“They are fifth class artists who write less than a pen without ink. When they see me, they break down, pale white like the fake teeth they put on… For two minutes of song they have twenty writers, even the managers are composers”.

Residente also expresses his rejection of J Balvin’s concerts and the cost of his tickets.

“Five hundred dollars for a ticket, gentlemen, for jumping like an asshole dressed in colors. Auto-Tune and playback activated, those fools sing even with the microphone off. You can’t be the leader, the champion of champions, if they wrote all your fucking songs for you.”

The singer of ‘Atrévete-te-te’ alludes to a criticism that he had previously expressed against Balvin about whether or not he has real talent.

“You don’t buy respect for being talented, it’s one thing to be an artist and another thing to be famous. You have to clean it up, a lot of delusions of grandeur, little skill”.

The most direct phrases of Resident against J Balvin

If these hints towards the Colombian singer are nothing more than obvious, Residente lets go with everything in the interlude of chapter three.

“If you shoot Balvin, I might like him” is heard in the background and immediately Resident responds “No, not Balvin, he’s a bobolón, that bastard”. However, the Puerto Rican in the end does sing directly to the interpreter of ‘Azul.

“I’m going to lower myself with a bobolón, who sings to SpongeBob and Pokémon. The copy of a clone, the Logan Paul of reggaeton. This is lower than ejaculating without an erection.”

He makes it clear that with his video of this new song he has everything to win against José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, J Balvin’s real name.

“As they say out there, ‘Josesito, you don’t have a street, that’s why you have soft knuckles.’ With just a video I bury this calf and I put him to upload a photo ‘with his dog. This funky young lamb is like a vegan breakfast, without eggs.”

René also criticizes Balvin for the content that he uploads to his Instagram when there are more important situations and social problems that he does not pay attention to.

“The people fighting, they are killing them, and the guy uploads photos of Gandhi praying. Pendej*, liar, plays spiritual, using mental health to sell a documentary”.

In addition, René does not miss an opportunity to shed light on J Balvin’s controversial video, ‘Perra’, which was ‘banned’ from YouTube, and he also judges it to be classist and disloyal.

“He is an imbecile with hair dye who put black women with dog chains around their necks… Worst of all and the most serious thing is that this asshole* is racist and doesn’t know it… A sacrilege this white boy from school still doesn’t understand the fucking privilege”.

Throughout his entire song, Residente made it clear in the chorus that all of this rapping was done with the goal of having fun. “I do this to ‘have fun’,” he intones.

What happened to Residente and J Balvin?

The rivalry between Residente and J Balvin dates back to 2021, when J Balvin criticized the Latin GRAMMY Awards for not including reggaeton singers in their nominations and called on urban artists not to attend the award ceremony.

These statements caused an impact on Resident, who explained that he did not understand why Balvin was asking for this, when there were colleagues from the urban genre nominated for the 2021 Latin GRAMMY edition.

In addition, he attacked him directly by telling him that he was not consistent with his words when he received 13 nominations in the previous edition.

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Resident attacked J Balvin: he criticized him like never before in his new song