Ricky Martin’s reaction when he met Karol G

How did Ricky Martin and ? Without a doubt, the Puerto Rican singer has a premium place in the music industry, due to his four-decade career and his millions of followers around the world. However, like many other mere mortals, he fell asleep when he met the “”, whose of the stature of the interpreter of “Another night”.

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The puerto rican artist He is always in the news for his musical production but also for his personal life. her marriage to Jwan Yosefin 2017, as well as the adoption of her children, have been the most commented topics of her biography.

Always your comments or posts on social mediaIn addition, they generate a series of reactions among their followers and even their “haters”.

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For this reason, he surprised his fans by sharing a photograph of his first meeting with Carol Gwhich generated thousands of comments for his reaction to the Colombian singer.

Ricky Martin posing at a public event.  (Photo: Getty Images)
Ricky Martin posing at a public event. (Photo: Getty Images)


Ricky Martin He reacted humbly upon meeting Carol G, the Colombian singer of the moment. The Puerto Rican first saw the bug in the preview of the Youth Awards 2021.

The moment was recorded in a black and white photograph that the Puerto Rican uploaded to his official Twitter account. Instagram. In addition, he received thousands of comments and “I like it” for his gesture.

“Cute cute cute. As I told you last night, happy for all your successes @karolg #Premiosjuventud”, was the description of the celebrity when giving a hug to Carol G.

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Besides, Carolina Giraldo Navarro is the real name of the Colombian singer who since she began her artistic career chose to be known as Karol G.

The Colombian singer used a diminutive of Carolina (Karol), and the first letter of her last name, to put together her stage name with which she is now known throughout the world.

Someone who has marked the career of is Guillermo, his father and manager. He has supported her daughter since the beginning of her career and continues to accompany her in every step she takes professionally. Guillermo has been a fundamental piece for the Colombian to have the success that he has right now.

In 2006 he participated in the reality show X Factor and saw in him an opportunity to emerge in the world of music. His participation gave him the possibility of signing a record contract with Flamingo Records in Colombia and Diamond Music in Puerto Rico, at which time the singer chose Carol G like his stage name.

In 2007, the Colombian singer worked as a backing vocalist for Colombian reggaeton singer Reykon. The Colombian’s talent led her to jointly release two singles Your toy in 2011 and 301 in 2012, a song with which the Colombian would reach international notoriety.

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Karol G in a photograph for her social networks.  (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)
Karol G in a photograph for her social networks. (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)


On the other hand, Carol G gave his firstconcert” when he was five years old, in front of a group of family and friends, while his father accompanied him on the guitar. In her clip, she is seen very excited and singing with all her might as her audience applauds her for her artistic streak.

The same “bug” was the one who shared the family recording with his followers through his official account in . The publication, of course, had millions of reactions, between “likes” and comments from his followers who highlighted the tenderness of the little girl. Carolina.

“January 1, 1996. My first stage, my first manager, my first fans. Dreams come true, what a chimba!”wrote Carol Gnostalgically and gratefully, in her post in the aforementioned social network.

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Ricky Martin’s reaction when he met Karol G