Rocío Marengo announced that she will be a mother: “I took a lot of pressure off myself”

Dew Marengo
Dew Marengo

“Great Sunday. Already at home. I answer questions,” he wrote. Dew Marengo on his Instagram account, a social network in which he shares photos and videos of his daily work routine and also part of his private life with his almost one million followers.

Installed in Chiliwhere she is fulfilling work commitments, the actress decided to interact with her followers on Sunday at the last minute and there she made several revelations, among which she highlighted that she will be a mother, although she did not provide too many details. “Are you going to be a mom? I’m dying of love”was read among the questions that the person who is in a relationship with the businessman chose to answer Edward Fortwith whom he has a low-profile relationship: for example, for six years they lived their love in a hidden way, away from the media.

“Yes Yes”, was the first thing he answered without beating around the bush or speculating with his answer. “In a few days we will have news. I am happy to have shared it with you “He added, although without giving further details about his motherhood. “I took a lot of pressure off myself. I am very happy and calm”, the actress continued on her social networks.

Rocio Marengo and Eduardo Fort
Rocio Marengo and Eduardo Fort

In the latest edition of Pronto magazine, Rocío Marengo gave an interview in which she referred to her desire to be a single mother. “I understand that if I am a mother, Edu would be at the foot of the canyon by my side, accompanying me in whatever it is. Obviously in the way of him because he is very special, but I feel that if I am a mom, he would be by my side ”said about the businessman who has three children from his previous marriage with karina antonali: Macarena and the twins Angie Y peter.

I want to be happy without bothering anyone. My desire is to be a mother and perhaps it is not to tie myself to a man so that he can be the father of my child.. What I want from the partner I have by my side is to be united from love and not from a project of having had a child. I feel that I alone can and that I don’t need to tie myself down. It is what I feel today, perhaps later, I am given another situation and I decide to have it as a joint project, “added the actress.

In this way, he clarified that his son would bear his surname. “It’s mine alone! It’s one thing to be my boyfriend, which is temporary because he’s there today because there’s love, but if love isn’t here tomorrow, bye! And it is another thing to be the father of a son who is for life. Ed is my boyfriend! And my baby and I will accompany us while I’m in a couple”, was forceful Dew Marengo.

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Rocío Marengo's post announcing her motherhood
Rocío Marengo’s post announcing her motherhood

In other Instagram questions, the former participant of The academy from ShowMatch He assured that the next destination to which he travels will be Europe. “I see that you are at your best. What do you think?”, Her friend Polaco Moreno told her between her comments, and she replied: “Every time I see you is my best moment. I love you very much, unconditional friend”.

Then, they asked him to list six qualities that he likes the most about her. “Sincere, hard-working, family-oriented, honest, responsible, healthy”said Rocío, who also stated that there is “no possibility” of joining a application with adult content, as they have done Florencia Peña, Silvina Luna and Cande Tinelliamong other famous Similarly, she assured that she has no interest in joining the El Trece reality show The Hotel of the Famous and, when asked if she feels Chilean, she said: “The tune never hit me. I notice that I am Argentine. Anyway, I’m happy in both countries. In both I have my world. Cachai?

“Last question I answer. Thanks for the cool vibes,” she warned late on Sunday, describing what he had done over the weekend. “It was very nice. Yesterday (for Saturday) we finished the recordings of minute to win. Everything turned out amazing. And today, (for Sunday) very familiar. Now my friend came to eat, so she left them. Kisses”, she said goodbye Dew Marengo in your social network.


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Rocío Marengo announced that she will be a mother: “I took a lot of pressure off myself”