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When it was announced three years ago that Ruby rose would be Kate Kane / Batwoman, the actress was just as excited as the fans, but The CW show turned out to be a huge disappointment, though not even the worst of it. Batwoman – 71% It is compared to what the protagonist had to live, who left the series in May 2020.

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Rumors have long circulated that Rose was unbearable, and she was silent and wanted to give conciliatory explanations such as that she was allergic to the superhero’s suit because it was made of latex, but in her most recent Instagram stories she has confessed that working with The CW in the show it was a real hell. In addition to telling how she was mistreated, she assures that other workers suffered severe damage on set and the company was not responsible.

If something is clear when watching The CW series from DC Comics, it is that they do not have a large budget and their productions tend to look quite mediocre, especially when compared to superhero series such as Daredevil – 98%, The Boys – 90% or WandaVision – 95%, but what we do not see is that behind these bad productions there may be great irresponsibility. Rose will probably get a response from the people you mention, or some of their representatives, but that’s not important. What the actress says should be thoroughly investigated, as these are serious accusations.

Before recounting how she and other members of BatwomanShe said joining the series was something she was passionate about, but The CW ruined Kate Kane’s character, in addition to treating the actress very badly. According to Rose, the producer Caroline dries did not want to stop the recordings of Batwoman when you series like Riverdale – 83%, The Flash – 87% and Supergirl – 100% They had already stopped for Covid-19, and did not want to take responsibility for an assistant who was left quadriplegic after having an accident on set. Here are some fragments of what the actress wrote (via CBR):

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Imagine getting a big pay cut to perform a project that I was passionate about and being so excited about Comic-Con and then being told they won’t adjust the schedule for me to attend … but then saying “We won’t announce it, you have to. do it yourself. ” And me planting myself and saying why should I be the face of this? Just to be told that if I didn’t make this video they would go silent and people would show up to find out I wasn’t there …

So in closing, please my dear, dear fans stop wondering if I will return to that horrible show, I would not return for any amount of money or if they pointed a gun at my head. I DIDN’T QUIT, I DON’T QUIT, they ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman, I didn’t. I followed orders and if I wanted to stay, I would have to give up my rights. […] One crew member suffered third degree burns all over his body and we were not given therapy after seeing the skin falling off his face, but I was the only one who sent him flowers and cards and then told me we had to do a sex scene without a minute to process, we lost 2 stuntmen, they cut my face so close to my eye in a stunt I could have gone blind. One woman was left quadriplegic and they tried to blame her for being on her phone, so much so that CW didn’t even help her get started because they needed to ‘investigate’ so she had to do a go fund me … she’s a personal assistant, they work through telephones. His accident happened because our show refused to close when everyone else did due to Covid. [Caroline Dries] He has no heart and he wanted us to end the season during the pandemic and I told him it was a bad idea … I told him that everyone was too distracted, constantly checking for Covid updates, keeping an eye on his friends and seeing that Riverdale, The Flash and Supergirl had already stopped their production, I felt like something bad would happen and [Dries] maybe he visited the set 4 times in a year …

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Ruby Rose lashes out at Batwoman’s “horrible show”, accuses The CW of mistreatment and ruining the character | Tomatazos