Salma Hayek in a small outfit relaxes by the sea

Lots of sand, sun and beauty is what the beautiful Salma Hayek through some revealing photographs that he posted on his social networks. The actress boasts not only the amazing scenery, but also he releases all the charms he possesses at 55 years old old.

As is customary, the actress Mexican effortlessly achieves photographs that move the hearts of her admirers. Causing fires wherever she walks, the internet is no exception as she has been set ablaze with each and every post she makes on Instagram.

Salma Hayek always owning one striking and spectacular figure left everyone breathless, this time she brought us a photo of a moment of relaxation in nature where she is seen sitting submerged up to her hips by salt water in a black two-piece swimsuit that allows us to admire her almost natural silhouette . Skin somewhat tanned by the day’s soft sun shimmers moistly against the warm tones of the sand, drawing attention to her flat abdomen.

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We can also see in detail the well-cared-for skin of her face, which despite not wearing a drop of makeup, looks smooth, healthy and radiant. His well-defined features seem to be the work of sculpting hands who carefully carved all his features, crowning the work with the plump and reddened lips in a faint smile that further embellishes its appearance.

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Salma Hayek, very scantily dressed, relaxes by the sea. Source: Instagram


In the first photo we see it captured from a higher plane that allows admire her vertiginous curves from another perspective. But he also brings to the fore the sweet features that he has always kept intact, as if he were breathing a sigh of relief about to smile. Without a doubt capturing the right moment where their most natural expressions are saved.

In the second image we see her from a lateral perspective at the height of where she is. Seated in a lotus flower position, she seems to be meditating to relax, the atmosphere of peace that she transmits is palpable. With her nose up you can almost hear the rhythmic breathing she must have done. A beautiful woman is one who is at peace.

You have to stay calm, we read in the description.

His followers seem to have loved the little bit of intimacy that Salma Hayek He shared because they did not take long to leave their reactions and fill the comment box with messages of love. “You have been the most beautiful woman in the world for so many years. I thank you for your beauty and your brains. Who could ask for more? Your perfection”, “Honestly, I can’t even look at her, she is unbelievably beautiful!” They were some of the sweetest left in that space.

His fans also took a moment to comment on their reflections on the importance of relaxing at the right times. We were able to see some suggestions: “When problems come, it is better to have a quiet moment to think before acting.”

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Salma Hayek in a small outfit relaxes by the sea