Sam Heughan Says They Filmed The Sex Scenes In ‘Outlander’ With The Help Of An Intimacy Consultant

    The ‘Outlander’ series is officially back, and its protagonist Sam Heughan has gone to The Drew Barrymore Show where he has assured that the sixth season has even more exciting sex scenes characteristic of the series and that for those scenes, he and co-star Caitriona Balfe had the help of an intimacy consultant while filming those moments (Sam Heughan talks about being the next James Bond: “No actor would refuse”).

    “A privacy advisor is a more common practice now in the industry,” Heughan explained. “When we started, we were totally green. You know, in your career, you’ve had to do similar things. As an actor or an actress, you’re kind of thrown off the deep end. And we were, and we did.” The actor acknowledges that having the advice of an expert helps and enriches the final result of the scenes. “Actually bringing someone on board means we’re all more supported. We can find new ways to, I guess, be more intimate and add more to those scenes. So I think that’s a very welcome addition… Let’s find an intimacy consultant.” , truth?”.

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    For a couple of years, the figure of intimacy advisors has become essential since they are there to help resolve the insecurity of actors and actresses in the face of such scenes. “We’re not there to police,” says Alicia Rodis, an intimacy coordinator who has worked on sex scenes on HBO shows like “The Deuce,” “Crashing” and “Watchmen.” “We’re another presence in the room to help.” to coordinate the talks.

    It stands to reason that the edgier the nature of the series, the more pertinent it is for the cast to work with a consultant who can ensure they not only receive support, but also create credibility without crossing any lines. Adam Demos, who played Brad in the explicit Netflix drama ‘Sex/Life,’ said the process of filming the fully nude scenes for that show was incredibly collaborative.

    But in national fiction this supporting figure is also present, just as the actor Julio Peña told us about the recording of the sex scenes in ‘Through my window’. “We had an intimacy coach who helped us with all that aspect a lot and it was very comfortable to record those scenes because thanks to her we managed to take a lot of iron out of it and see them as other scenes,” he explained.

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Sam Heughan Says They Filmed The Sex Scenes In ‘Outlander’ With The Help Of An Intimacy Consultant