Selena Gomez stands up to criticism about her weight: “I’m perfect just the way I am”

Selena Gomez has spoken before the ‘haters’ that they criticize her for the appearance of her body. The Disney star and defender of the ‘body positive’ movement has dedicated a strong message on their social networks to all the people who dare to comment on his physique.

half joking half seriousbut above all spontaneous, something that characterizes her, the singer has sentenced all the comments she has been receiving since she rose to fame.

Far from the real and representative

since he’s young has suffered the insecurities of his bodyfueled by criticism from people who believe they have the right to express an opinion on the physical appearance of someone. However, in a video that Selena Gomez posted to a TikTok story, the singer is shown safer than ever. The archetypes about ‘the ideal body’ They are very common in the world of celebrities, there are many who suffer constant harassment by social networks judging their bodies. But, what is a normative body? They stipulate thinness as correct, attractive and healthy and this puts great pressure on all those public figures who live off their image. If your body does not fall within this ‘ideal’ beauty canon, your professional career is already in danger and you are subjected to the stress of fitting into something that is far from real and representative.

In the TikTok stories, Gomez speaks out and admits that she already has given up trying to fit in in the perfect body canon: “I’ve been trying stay skinnybut I went to Jack in the Box (a fast food franchise) and ordered four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich,” said the singer before ending with a message dedicated to all people who dare to give an opinion about someone else’s body. “Honestly, I don’t care about my weight because people will talk about him in any way: ‘You’re too small’, ‘You’re too big’, ‘That doesn’t suit you’, ‘blah blah blah’, bitch, I am perfect just the way I am. What is the moral of the story? Goodbye,” said the Disney star.

Network ambiguity

The use of social networks is an ambiguity in itself. On the one hand, they can be used to send positive messages, break with socially imposed canons, end stereotypes, etc. But in turn, also contribute to the perpetuation of all this. Ultimately, it depends on each person the use they want to make of these platforms, use them to do good or to do evil?

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At this point, if something has become clear, it is that behind each person there is a story and that is the main reason why we should stop commenting on life and other people’s bodies and allow everyone to be as they want freely, without judging or labeling it. Selena has explained more than once how bad she has had dealing with constant weight gains and losses ever since he was diagnosed with lupus. In 2017 he already underwent a kidney transplant due to complications of the disease.

Although the singer has gone through some really bad times, it currently seems that in her life everything is going pretty well and that has given strength to stand up to criticism. Selena Gomez, despite facing her pathology, can boast of a makeup business that promotes self-love and is inclusive and beauty products on the rise, a virtual community that supports it, a mental health platform that has launched to end the stigmas around mental illness and future musical projects.

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Selena Gomez stands up to criticism about her weight: “I’m perfect just the way I am”