Sergio Sendel performs with his daughter for the first time and advises her not to be “bootlickers” to succeed

Serge Sendel is one of the most beloved villains of mexican soap operas and, after two years of pausing his career, the actor returned to star My fortune is to love you. This project is even more special in his career, because shares credits with his daughter Valeria Santaella.

In the melodrama will soon premiere on Univisionthe Mexican actor gives life to Adrián, an antagonistic character that adds to his career of more than 30 years, while his daughter Valeria Santaella, 23, will be seen in the role of Kimberly.

Sergio Sendel and his daughter Valeria shared a scene in the telenovela and the young woman showed that he inherited his father’s talent and passion for acting.

The famous villain of soap operas He said he was happy to work with his daughter in the melodrama starring Susana González and David Zepeda. In addition, he stressed that Valeria sees a promising future in acting, since she considers her to be a disciplined young woman.

“What I like about her is that she is disciplined and in this race you have to have three things: discipline, a lot of effort and, above all, patience,” Sendel said in an interview for Hoy on February 4.

Sergio Sendel’s daughter learns with her father

For her part, Valeria Santaella said that she is enjoying sharing the recording forums with her father and is taking advantage to learn of the.

“Since I was very little I have accompanied my father in his productions to work and now that I have the opportunity to see it up close and also being in the same production, because I learn a lot and we have a great time”, expressed the young woman.

Valeria added that her acting journey began three or four years ago, when she began her studies to pursue this career, but they barely coincided on stage.

This is the first time that father and daughter are together in front of the cameras in a soap opera, however, Valeria had small participations in projects in which Sendel was an antagonist, two of them were ‘Tomorrow is forever’ (2008) and ‘ A lucky family’ (2011).

He’s doing better every day and in this career when you do better every day is that you have a future”, Sendel highlighted in an interview.

The actor is also advising Valeria to develop successfully as an actress and one of his main tips is to always keep your head held high.

“Of course I’ve made it clear, without being bootlickerswithout being lame… dignity first and foremost”, said Sergio Sendel.

The actor who has appeared in more than 20 telenovelas, in most of them as an antagonist, added that he has given his daughter the necessary tools to stand out in life.

“If they are not taught to overcome obstacles, it is very difficult for them to excel in life, swallow their own frustrations“, he pointed.

Valeria is one of the new faces in acting and at a young age she decided to follow in her father’s footsteps. The young woman has participated in soap operas such as “What life stole from me” (2013) and “How to survive single” (2019).

One of the most recent projects of the also model was in 2021, Valeria participated in the second season of the bioseries of the singer Luis Miguelwhere she played the character of Bárbara, Álex’s girlfriend, the singer’s brother.

Who is the mother of Sergio Sendel’s daughter?

The actress is the result of the relationship that Sergio Sendel had with Marcela Rodríguez, whom he divorced in 2013 after being married for 15 years. The separation was immersed in a series of accusations that his now ex-wife he made him of alleged family violence.

The actress and her twin brother Graco are the two great prides of her father, as Sendel has made it known on Instagram, where he has more than 170 thousand followers. Although there is little interaction that she has on this social network, most of her publications have to do with her children.

In addition to acting, Valeria Santaella is fond of sports and activities such as yoga and dancing. Like her twin, she shares a taste for boxing and modeling.


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Sergio Sendel performs with his daughter for the first time and advises her not to be “bootlickers” to succeed