She looks like JLo and she danced with Shakira. Cuban singer will represent Spain in Eurovision

Chanel Terrero

Chanel Terrero


She has the name of a fashionable perfume, she dances like Jennifer López and has worked with Shakira. Cuban singer, dancer and actress Chanel Terrero has just won the Benidorm festival with the theme SloMo, with the potential to become a hit, in which he invites to “break hips and hearts” and also mentions Miami.

SloMo, with which he will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place from May 10 to 14 in Turin, Italy, has sparked controversy over his lyrics, which some call sexist and criticize because it has many words in English.

“Let’s go! The mommy arrived, /The queen, the tough one, a bugatti/The world is crazy with this party/If I have a problem, it’s not monetary/I drive all the daddies crazy”, sings the winner of the 2022 Benidorm festival.

Terrero, who was born in Cuba and emigrated to Barcelona when she was 4 years old, she danced like the goddesses, but the bad behaved ones, and without a doubt she has the Caribbean grace of Jennifer López, with whom the media have already compared her. Even if it was with Shakira with whom he danced at the MTV Europe Music Awards, in 2010.

“I promise to give everything on stage and that Europe prepares to lower it to the ground, I do it,” said Terrero on his Instagram account about his future presentation at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Controversy over Chanel Terrero award in Benidorm

The Chanel Terrero’s triumph has been controversial also because it surprised many who supported their favourites, the Catalan singer Rigoberta Bandini and the trio of girls Tanxugueiras, whose music draws on Galician tradition.

Although some have considered that Terrero does not have a career that supports her to go to such an important musical event and that the song is not appropriate to represent Spain, the jury of experts gave their vote to the young Cuban, while the public preferred to Tanxugueiras.

RTVE, which broadcasts the contest, issued a statement defending the voting system, which prioritizes the opinion of the jury of experts over the preferences of the public.

Although there was a hurricane of criticism against the vote on social networks and there was also haters who attacked Terrero, Bandini and Tanxugueiras, who took second and third place, gave their support to the winner.

also him The singer-songwriter Beatriz Luengo has given the accolade to Terrero and the musician, composer and producer Nacho Cano, former member of Mecano, with whom Terrero collaborated on the musical Malinche.

“I know the difficulties that your proposal entails, because one thing is to sing, another to dance and another is to do it at the same time without playblack and without going out of tune,” said Yotuel’s wife, who also has training as a dancer at the Royal Academy of Dance, like Terrero, who in turn studied with dance figures such as Víctor Ullate.

“I was also moved to know that he has been fighting in the theater for 20 years, small, medium and large roles, with the humility that the theater gives,” said Luengo about Terrero. “Those of us who know the musical circuit knew her and she was the typical case of: ‘Wow Chanel is impressive’ ”.

Who is Chanel Terrero

Born in Havana in 1991, Terrero came to Barcelona when she was 4 years old, to live in Olesa de Montserrat, a town of 23,000 inhabitants four hours from the main city of Catalonia.

It was her mother who named her Chanel after the French designer, “a woman who wore pants,” the artist has said. like his mom, Terrero began at a very young age to practice rhythmic gymnastics, then studied dance in Madrid, where he lives. From the age of 16 he began working in musicals such as The Lion King, flashdance, Nine, The bodyguard Y Malinche.

The Spanish-Cuban singer, dancer and actress Chanel Terrero won the Benidorm festival and will represent Spain in Eurovision, which takes place in May in Turin, Italy. RTVE

“[Terrero] She is a girl who represents those theater artists who do not complain and who are the fundamental basis of our culture,” said Beatriz Luengo. “She represents that person who put an unlimited date on her preparation and continued to train so hard, and not because a stadium was waiting for her, like Beyoncé, but because a stalls were waiting for her on a Wednesday afternoon with 150 people, that they simply wanted to be happy in a role that would make them forget their problems.”

Terrero was also a finalist in the auditions to represent Anita in the new version of West Side Storyby Steven Spielberg.

It also has a history in Spanish series such as The secret of Old Bridge, Red Eagle Y Tony’s Gym , and in the cinema adds credit in the Dominican Spanish production The King of Havana, in which he worked together with the Cuban actor Héctor Medina (the last rafter, planted), who congratulated her and offered her support.

SloMo, made in Miami

The subject that is arousing so much controversy, SloMo, is a collaboration of composers Keith Harris, Arjen Thonen, Maggie Szabo, Leroy Sanchez and Ibere ​​Fortes.

Harris has composed for Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spear. Leroy Sánchez is a Spanish singer-songwriter who has achieved success helping Malú, Pitbull, Blas Cantó and Alex Ubago, and is one of the authors of the song that brought Cantó to Eurovision last year,I’m going to stay. Brazilian Fortes worked with Anitta on the album that landed her a Grammy nomination in 2019.

the letter of SloMo It does not contain anything that has brought down Natti Natasha, Mala Rodríguez or other singers who have taken the urban genre to a high level of popularity. And it’s so catchy and danceable that it could guarantee Terrero victory in Eurovision, a festival that turned racing upside down by Julio Iglesias, ABBA, Mocedades, Olivia Newton-John, Raphael, Céline Dion and Massiel.

Chanel Terrero RTVE

The presence of Cuban artists on television and in Spanish contests has been gaining strength in recent times. The most recent was Carlos Ángel Valdés, who reached the final of the Antena 3 contest The Voice of Spain, where he had the support of his coach, the singer Luis Fonsi.

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She looks like JLo and she danced with Shakira. Cuban singer will represent Spain in Eurovision