“She was shocked”: Lety Calderón gives details of her son’s meeting with Marjorie de Sousa

Lucianothe son of Lety Calderón and the lawyer Juan Collado, fulfilled his greatest dream by meeting Marjorie de Sousa, the “love of his life” on April 6. The soap opera stars and their respective children had a meeting in a restaurant in Mexico City and shared the moment through Instagram in a “live”.

Excited, the Mexican actress told details of what happened and confessed that she took her firstborn to the place with lies, because it was a surprise.

“My son did not know, it was a surprise, I sat him down with his back to the door and when I saw that Marjorie arrived I grabbed the phone to record and it was a great surprise for him, he couldn’t believe it, he was shocked“He told the program ‘Sale el sol’.

Calderón confessed that he cried when he saw the 18-year-old’s reaction: “I obviously I was moved to tears when I saw my son’s face that he couldn’t believe it, his cheeks turned red, it was very emotional and the truth is that I am very grateful to Marjorie for having taken the time to go meet my son and talk to him, of fulfill his dream that was to meet the love of his life“.

Luciano was like never by Marjorie de Sousa’s side

Leticia Calderón explained that the teenager behaved like never before, because he was very shy, something that rarely happens.

“He was well ‘chiveado’ (embarrassed) because he is usually very outgoing and talks a lot, but he was in shock, the whole meal was in shock, he just stared at her and she asked him something and the other answered with a shyness because I couldn’t believe it,” the actress said excitedly.

Luciano bought the ring that he gave to Marjorie de Sousa

During the coexistence Luciano, who suffers from Down Syndrome, gave the Venezuelan a “friendship engagement” ring and Lety explained that her son bought the ring for a long time, because he does everything thinking of her.

“He saw it, because they are two brilliant and said: ‘Look, here we are Marjorie and I’, Luciano does everything he does thinking of her […] For a long time he bought that ring with his money, I had it saved and my mom, knowing that we were coming to lunch, grabbed it from the drawer and brought it to him, “he explained to the morning newspaper.

Luciano wants to return to Marjorie de Sousa

Luciano was delighted to live with the villain of True Loves and already asked his mother to repeat the appointment: “When we got home he told me: ‘Mom, I want to see her again please’ and I said: ‘No, wait for me a little,'” he said between laughs.

The successful actresses had a good connection, so they want to meet again later.

Yes we intend to continue seeing each otherAlso so that ‘Mati’ sees that he is a friend and that we are his friends, I was playing with him, at first he was self-conscious, obviously, we didn’t know who we were or anything, and then he got jealous,” Lety said.

In addition, the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Esmeralda’ shared that she explained the situation to Matías, well the 5-year-old boy got jealous seeing that Marjorie was talking with Luciano.

“It should be clarified that I brought him a little gift, and I told him, just as we brought you a gift, we brought a gift to mom and I did tell her: ‘My love, you have to take into account that you are your mom’s most important manwe are her friends, we can start a beautiful friendship, but you are Marjorie’s most important man, she will not change you for anything or anyone,'” he shared in the interview.

But Luciano also received a gift, because Marjorie de Sousa gave him a Captain America costume because the teenager likes superheroes.


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“She was shocked”: Lety Calderón gives details of her son’s meeting with Marjorie de Sousa