Sherlyn on her triumph imitating Camilo: “That will translate into many rehabilitations for many children”

Sherlyn won the second gala of ‘Tu Cara Me Suena 2’ with his interpretation of Camilo, but beyond the achievement of being first, what excites him the most is having received a first check for the foundation for which he competes, USA Telethon: “That will translate into many rehabilitations for many children”.

Sherlyn, at the first gala you lost, and now you are the first.

Sherlyn: From last place to first. This is how we Mexicans recover. That’s how we’re used to it, that’s how things work. This not happy, happy with life, because it was a gala that was very competitive. Wonderful numbers, and I want to thank all the people who made it possible. As I told you before that I was so nervous, the entire choreography team, production vocals, characterization, costumes, all put all their hearts so that Camilo looked identical.

I have to tell something I sent the video to my dad before going on stage, dressed in Camilo, and my dad is the number one enemy of reggaeton and urban music he doesn’t like it, so I send him the video and He tells me: “and why do you send me that guy?”… I say, “Daddy, it’s me”. He was dying of griefhe told me, “my love, forgive me, that’s good, I didn’t even recognize you.” If your dad doesn’t recognize you in that Camilo suit, something was very well done..

I feel happy, I feel very gratefulBecause the most important thing is that, to be able to send the check to Telethon USA, and it goes to the first check, I feel with a full heart, because I know that this is going to translate into many rehabilitations, for many children And that’s why I’m here, finally defending a cause that I believe in, that I’m so in love with, and that has been my cause for many years. I feel satisfied to be able to give an achievement to TelethonAnd of course, I think it’s very nice to be able to come back that way. We already have the first gala won and then it feels very nice, and another very nice thing is that many of my classmates gave me their pointsthen she tells you that we have made a beautiful group, and that we are quite capable of seeing the good in each other, well, very happy, it was a very nice night.

How did you feel when you went on stage?

Sherlyn: Like a nude… There are characters that suddenly have more, I don’t know, wig, costumes, dancers, scenery, lights, everything together and you feel a little more protected, Camilo was as simple as he was, so it had to be performed on that stage like him, humble, calm, without making a big deal out of it. Yes, there was a moment when I felt very lonely, that is, before going up in the elevator it was like, are you serious? It’s like yeah how to be naked, and I think that’s the charm of Camilo, that he doesn’t need a lot of production to make the success that he is, he doesn’t need big dances, or dancers, or scenery because he comes from more insidewas what we tried to connect with, and I think it was very nice.

-And you also had the surprise that Camilo himself sent you greetings

Sherlyn: Yes, that was beautiful, and apart from valuing very much the moment for which he is living, not that he has taken the time to do it, he has given the importance to the program to do it, It’s beautiful for me, I thank you with all my heart, on stage I couldn’t thank you because there could only be one Camilo and it was menot him, but here from below I want to thank you with all my love and send you all the love and all the blessings for Indigo so that they continue to be that beautiful family that they areand that you really enjoy this stage that will undoubtedly be the best of your lives.

What did this presentation leave you?

Sherlyn: It left me with a lot of security like all the security that maybe I lost at the first gala Camilo left it to me, he left me as this part of being able to feel comfortable on that stage that is so imposing and say well if we achieve it like this: barefoot, in clothes that you can’t look beautiful in any way because that’s not what it’s for and we manage to win over the judges, I know there will be more opportunities for us to win them over again so it gave me a lot of security for what is to come.

-And what’s coming?

Sherlyn: Now comes Becky G, we return to the urban, only with more spice, because Becky G is much sexier, Karol G is like much more put on, and Becky G is more feminine and is more hungover clothes and perreo and all that, but I’m also going to enjoy it to the fullestwe go from day to night, from Camilo to a super feminine character, super sensual, and who is also Mexican, well Mexican-American, but I love it and we are going to make a radical change of look, I have to go to the start times of Becky Gthey will be very surprised with everything we are planning for this next gala.

-What do you say to the public that is supporting you so much, and that there is so much good receptivity, they enjoy it and they are with you in this?

Sherlyn: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, I want to thank all those people who see my work as if it were a common struggle, and who get up with me and when I tell them I’m going to work they tell me: “come on, you can, and today is going to be a great day and I go to you”and they throw a thousand cheers at you, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you thanks to all the army of single moms that we have in the world, because I have felt the support in a beautiful and very loving wayI want to thank to all the uncles of André, to the uncles and aunts who are all over the world, that boy is a rockstarand it not only lights up my life, I think he is a child who illuminates wherever he goes, and he is pure love and pure smile, so I want to thank you for the love you give me and my son, and tell them that it is for me, It goes for all of us, it goes for all those who see me there on the networks and from the heart, thank you, thank you for everything beautiful that is beautiful.



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Sherlyn on her triumph imitating Camilo: “That will translate into many rehabilitations for many children”