Colate Vallejo Nágera ex Paulina Rubio reveals that he was sexually abused at age 13

Nicolás ‘Colate’ Vallejo Nágera, former Pauline Rubio and father of her eldest son, reveals through an autobiography that he has just published, that he was sexually abused at the age of 13. ‘Colate according to Nicolás’ is his first bookand although he assured in the Spanish press that it is clear that he is not … Read more

“My mother died without knowing that they abused me”: Natalia Durán

The renowned Colombian actress Natalia Durán recently revealed to public opinion the abuse she had suffered during her childhoodin an interview for the Show channel 1 entertainment I know everything. yeshowever, after another meeting in the media, this time on the program ‘Day by day’, of Caracol Radio, gave more details about how difficult this … Read more

Natalia Durán says that her mother died without knowing that she was abused

A few days ago the model and actress Natalia Duran He opened his heart and revealed, through his YouTube channel, that he was the victim of sexual abuse by his biological father, Fernando Segura, when he was just a girl. “It was a father who sexually abused me until I was 3 years old.… He … Read more

“He abused me”: Sasha accuses Luis de Llano of having a relationship with her as a minor

Just hours before the end of International Women’s Day, Sasha Sokol shook social networks with a revealing and crushing letter in which he publicly accused Louis of Llano. The 51-year-old singer, who in the 1980s was one of the founding members of Timbirichepointed to the producer of that group for allegedly having “abused” her and … Read more

Ruby Rose says she left “Batwoman” because she was abused on the set

Australian actress Ruby rose He assured this Wednesday that his abrupt departure as the protagonist of the series “Batwoman” was due to the fact that during the filming he experienced situations of abuse and mistreatment that made it impossible for him to continue playing that role. “To my dear fans, stop wondering if I’ll ever … Read more