“It will help her dementia”: Alejandra Guzmán accidentally reveals her mother’s mental health problems Silvia Pinal

After being admitted to a hospital in mid-December due to health problems related to blood pressure, Silvia Pinal is finally recovering from the comfort of her home. Added to this health problem, the renowned 90-year-old actress tested positive for covid-19 while he was inside the hospital in Mexico. Fortunately, Silvia Pinal did not present any … Read more

Arturo Peniche’s brother remembers when he accidentally killed an actor like Alec Baldwin

Like Alec Baldwin, the Mexican actor Flavio Peniche also recklessly killed a colleague during the filming of a movie. Arturo Peniche’s younger brother lived through the ordeal 19 years ago and in 2017 he was finally exonerated, after signing every week in prison for 14 years while continuing the process on probation. Peniche regretted the … Read more