Romina Marcos came out in defense of Niurka after the accusations of sorcery: “Let them continue saying that she is a witch”

Romina Marcos is Niurka’s daughter Photo: Instagram @niurka.oficial The House of the Famous in its second broadcast has been a success, since the program unleashed various controversies between several participants of the reality show. Even, and as usual, Internet users have also been part of these controversies, since, through social networks, users attack the situations … Read more

The Last King: Juan Osorio’s series revived the accusations of sexual abuse against Vicente Fernández

Lupita Castro assured that Vicente Fernández used his influences to try to bury his accusations of sexual abuse (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Lupita Castro Entertainment) The second season of the series El Último Rey, El Hijo del Pueblo where the life of Vicente Fernandezbased on a book not authorized by the family of the Mexican interpreter, … Read more

Maribel Guardia defended Vicente Fernández after accusations of truncating careers: “No one does that, not even friends”


Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @maribelguardia Maribel Gardia defended Vicente Fernández against accusations that position him as the alleged person responsible for having truncated the career of Mexican artists, recalled some experiences of empathy that he lived with the singer and shared his point of view regarding the decision he made The Mexican Institute of Industrial … Read more

Amber Heard gives her first testimony in the trial against Johnny Depp: these are her accusations

After taking the oath, the ‘Aquaman’ actress began her testimony by assuring that she finds it “painful” and “horrible” to sit on the stand to “relive everything” that happened during her relationship with the actor. “This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever been through, hands down,” the actress said while holding back … Read more

Rachel Zegler is tired of responding to the accusations against Ansel Elgort


In an interview with ELLEpublished last Tuesday, the young actress Rachel Zegler talked about how the promotional press tour for West Side Story wore her out, thanks to a peculiar fact. The artist had the performance of her revelation of her as Mary in the remake of the musical he directed steven spielberg. Zegler leads … Read more

Producer Luis de Llano defends himself against accusations of harassment made by Sasha Sokol


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT “He is not a good rapper”: Redeemed criticizes Residente 01:40 Anuel and Yailin La Más Viral release a new song together 01:02 Raphy Pina faces new accusation of falsifying income statements 01:21 Maribel Guardia shows a photo of … Read more

Nicolás Arrieta’s girlfriend defended herself against Yeferson Cossio’s accusations: “He was the one who always had drugs”


Original photos: Instagram @yefersoncossio @lorenestebanm @nicolasarrieta A few days ago a strong controversy arose through social networks, after Nicholas Arrieta will be dispatched against his colleague Jeffrey Cossiowhom he accused of scamming unsuspecting people through one of the companies he promotes on his Instagram account. Even, the Bogota youtuber pointed out, the Antioquian celebrity turned … Read more

Andrea Legarreta reacted to the new accusations of Alfredo Adame: “I’m not going to fall”


Andrea Legarreta and Alfredo Adame were partners during the morning 20 years ago Today Photo: Special Infobae Alfredo Adame lashed out again against the host of the morning Today, Andrea Legarreta. Given the controversial statements made by his partner more than 20 years ago, Erik Rubín’s wife decided not to remain silent and defended herself … Read more

Koko Stambuk denied accusations for his breakup with Maite Perroni


Koko Stambuk revealed her truth after the controversy with Maite Perroni (Photos: Ask/@kokostambuk // IG@maiteperroni) Having terminated his engagement with Maite Perroni and being linked to the scandal due to the alleged infidelity of Andres Tovar to Claudia Martin, Koko Stambuk launched a blunt message to his ex girlfriendas well as the people who pointed … Read more

Rosie Rivera’s husband Abel flees after accusations against him


They claim that Abel, husband of Rosie Rivera, stole money from Jenni Rivera’s inheritance Gossip No Like cameras caught it He is hiding? Abel husband Rosie Rivera. A couple of days ago, Chiquis Rivera shared a video on her Instagram account in which she confessed that she was fed up with them wanting to make … Read more