The woman who is accused of being the “third in discord” in the separation of Piqué and Shakira spoke: “People are riddled me”

The central defender lives a few complicated days after his separation became public (Photo: Reuters) The news crossed the world of football and music. Gerard Piqué separated from Shakira after 12 years of relationship, a fact that was confirmed from the statement released by the representative agency of the Colombian. Within the versions that gained … Read more

Long hand! These are the parents of singers accused of stealing money from their children: PHOTOS

It’s no secret that some celebrity parents take advantage of their children’s talent by getting involved in the administration and management of their artistic career. Of course, this accompaniment and guidance would not be bad if the parents did not abuse their children. These situations abound in the entertainment industry and more than once the … Read more

Christian Nodal: Feminist groups ask to be accused of ‘Olympia law’ in Mexico

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT “Thank the public very much”: Lucía Méndez receives a tribute for 50 years of career 01:36 Greeicy shows Kai for the first time, one month after his birth 01:05 Lupita Jones and Deborah Hallal talk about the ‘Mexicana … Read more

Juana Repetto’s reaction after her partner is accused of being unfaithful

This is how Juana Repetto reacted after her partner was accused of being unfaithful On Tuesday, Sebastian Graviotto, couple of Juana Repetto and father of his son, Belisario fulfilled years and the daughter of Queen Reech wrote him a “Happy in your life, my love.” Immediately, like every post by the actress, it was filled … Read more

Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of sexually assaulting her with a bottle at the start of her explosive trial


Johnny Depp is seen outside the Fairfax County courthouse (Reuters) The lawyers of Amber Heard affirmed this Tuesday that the actress lived a hell during her marriage to Johnny Deppturned according to them into a “monster” by drugs and alcohol, with attacks of “rage” that ended in verbal, physical and sexual assaults. The former couple … Read more

Paul Rodríguez accused Will Smith of bullying him during the filming of ‘Ali’


Paul Rodríguez accused Will Smith of having caused him emotional damage (Photos: Getty Images // Reuters) Since the scandalous scene that Will Smith and Chris Rock starred in during the 2022 Oscars ceremony, controversy has accompanied the actor in films such as Looking for happiness; this time, actor of Mexican origin Paul Rodríguez accused Smith … Read more

Will Smith accused of violence by Mexican actor: “The sick abuse was hell”


Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock was not an isolated case, a former Mexican partner of the actor narrated a terrible episode that he lived with him. As expected, the episode of the slap to Chris Rock was not a unique event of the temperament of Will Smith, one of his former partners in the … Read more

María del Sol spoke about her state of health after surgery; she accused record companies of not supporting her


María del Sol spoke about her return to music after a knee operation Photo: María del Sol/@mariadelsol10 At the beginning of March, the Mexican singer, Mary of the Sunhad to undergo knee surgery, because the synovial fluid or joint fluid, that which is found between the bones of the knees, was worn away. After this, … Read more

Malena Pichot accused Roberto García Moritán of marrying Pampita to “become known” and the businessman was lapidary


Roberto Garcia Moritan and Malecha Pichot Roberto Garcia Moritan Y Malena Pichot They staged a virtual fight that included strong accusations. It all started when Carolina’s husband pampita Ardohain, publicly criticized Ophelia Fernandez, who also used his Twitter account to respond to the economist. “At least they know my name and surname”, considered the legislator … Read more

Journalist accused of consuming cocaine during New Year’s broadcast: What did Andy Cohen do?


Getty Andy Cohen and the New Year’s controversy Andy Cohen It made headlines on the first day of the year after he and Anderson Cooper had live drinks and got drunk during their New Year’s Eve live broadcast on CNN. The Bravo producer and his journalist friend had a great night together, and fans seemed … Read more