What Juan Osorio said about the catalog of actresses on Televisa

Osorio gave his opinion on the Televisa catalog (Photo: File) Televisa is one of the most important Mexican television stations in the country and a rumor that has remained for several generations is the existence of a Catalogue, which allegedly contains personal data of Mexican actresses. This with the purpose of “offering” them to other … Read more

(Very) Famous Actors and Actresses Who Haven’t Won an Oscar

The most anticipated award for any interpreter in the world of cinema has left out many celebrities who, without a doubt, would have deserved it. Glenn Close has the dubious honor of being the working Hollywood star with the most Oscar nominations (eight) and yet to win one. EFE Will Smith has alternated blockbuster films … Read more

“Mother”: meet the dubbing actresses behind the protagonists of the Turkish soap opera


Monday to Fridaythe Hispanic community in the United States enjoys through Univision the Turkish telenovela “Madre”, starring Cansu Dere (Zeynep) and the girl Beren Gökyıldız (Melek). Fiction It has been a success in the countries that it has arrived thanks to the moving story of a girl victim of physical and emotional abuse in her … Read more

This is how the actresses Ayda Aksel and Ayşegül Günay, famous for their roles as Azize and Fusun in “Hercai”, are in real life


Turkish soap operaHercai: love and revenge” has become the favorite of many people not only because of the story of Reyyan and Miran, but also because of some characters who, despite their antagonistic role, have caught the attention of the public. An example of this are Azize and fusun that in fiction they stand out … Read more

Sasha Sokol vs. Luis de Llano case generated complaints in networks due to the age difference between actresses and producers


They were the famous ones mentioned (Photos: Twitter/@RoqueRua/@goyos978/@detele-novemx) The public denunciation of sasha sokol sabout what he described as abuse by Louis of Llano It has generated a wave of debates that take up what has happened in the middle of the Mexican show over the years and that being “an open secret” now begins … Read more

Vahide Perçin and Alize Gördüm, the actresses of “Mother” who are mother and daughter in real life


“Mother” (Anne, in its original language) is one of the best-known and most successful Turkish soap operas internationally. His recent arrival at Univision, has made her the favorite of the audiencewho in addition to following the story starring Cansu Dere Y Beren Gökyıldızwant to know more about Ottoman production. MORE INFORMATION: This week’s schedule of … Read more

In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses, Thelma Fardin spoke of the annulment of the trial of Juan Darthés: “I was the judge”


Thelma Fardin press conference “Look how we fight” read the posters posted on Carlos Pellegrini street at the door ofhe Consulate of Brazil where Thelma Fardin and her colleagues from the group of Argentine Actresses got together to claim, after the Brazilian Justice declare the nullity of the trial against Juan Darthés that takes place … Read more

Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie: how the actresses friendship was born


Salma Hayek made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the science fiction film “Eternals,” where she played an immortal leader named Ajak. In the film, the Mexican actress shared credits with Angelina Jolie, with whom she has formed a strong bond of friendship. MORE INFORMATION: Who is Ajak, Salma Hayek’s character in “Eternals” … Read more

Strong statement from Argentine Actresses to accompany Thelma Fardin: “The time of impunity is over”


“Today, with the start of the oral trial in Brazil, we accompanied Thelma Fardin as on December 11, 2018, when her criminal complaint against Juan Darthés was made public for the rape suffered nine years before, as a minor, during a tour working in Nicaragua. Thus ends a three-year cycle for the cause, which continued … Read more