Zendaya, the story of the Disney girl who succeeded as an addicted teenager in ‘Euphoria’

Just as the strange Winona Ryder was the icon of generation X and the hyperconnected Emma Watson, the millennial girl, it is seen how Zendaya is the figure that outlines, advances and it is planted in the role of centennial queen. From disney girl, went on to be one of the most influential young stars. … Read more

Amber Heard was addicted to cocaine and was jealous of the fame of Johnny Depp

The former nurse of Amber Heard, Erin Fallati He testified this Tuesday in front of the audience via video call, to answer the questions of the lawyers. He stated that, during the first meeting with the actress in August 2014, he noted that Heard reported a history of substance abuse, including an addiction to cocaine … Read more

“If I look back, I am a walking miracle”: Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to having been addicted to sex and alcohol

Since the scandal at the Oscars, held on March 27, where Will Smith hit Chris Rock, the relationship between the artist and Jada Pinkett Smith has been surrounded by speculation. Now statements that the artist has made on her program have been recalled Red Table Talk about his past and love life. Rumors about the … Read more

Was necessary? Eight famous people addicted to the scalpel and cosmetic touch-ups


archive It could be said that Hollywood is synonymous with cinema, glamour, fame and… cosmetic surgeries. There is still today a certain mandate that celebrities must be always impeccable for the camerasso it is very common for them to undergo different aesthetic procedures to achieve this. In many cases, the need to extend professional life … Read more

Actor James Franco confessed that he is addicted to sex


Actor James Franco first admitted that he had sex with students from his acting courses. And he confessed that he is receiving treatment because he is addicted to sex. Since 2018, several women They have accused Franco of sexual abuse and a group of students denounced the actor because he took sexual advantage of the … Read more