Apio Quijano lost his virginity to María José: “An age of great sexuality”

María José and Apio Quijano had an affair in their teens (Photo: Instagram) Since the 1990s, María José caught the attention of the public for her powerful vocal range that made her stand out from the group kabahwith which he became known singing songs like the street of the sirens Y An illusion. To date … Read more

Alma Delia Fuentes, the star of the Golden Age who retired at the age of 33 and died in the garbage

Alma Delia Fuentes retired at the age of 33, after two divorces (Photo: INAH) One of the actresses Golden era with a tragic ending Alma Delia Fuenteswho decided walk away of the film industry from very young and ended his days trash from the garage of his house. Alma Delia Fuentes began her artistic career … Read more

After 9 heart attacks and at the age of 71, César Bono has to continue working to support his family

After 9 heart attacks and at the age of 71

César Bono confessed that he wants to return to work because he is the breadwinner of his family (Photo: Instagram @assislsantos) After Caesar Bono had to undergo emergency surgery in March because had the perforated duodenumconfessed that is ready to go back to workbut not only for passion for acting, but for financial need. Two … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is criticized for getting tattooed at age 14 and not looking like her mother

Emme Muñiz, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez He reappeared to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mother, his brother and his aunt. In the photos of their afternoon together, the teenager wore a tattoo and a comfortable outfit, which sparked a series of criticism from the public for her appearance. Emme Muñiz: Jennifer López’s daughter is … Read more

The beloved actress Hilda Bernard has died at the age of 101

Hilda Bernard celebrating her 100 years (Photo: Maximiliano Luna) With much regret and in a statement, the Argentine Association of Actors reported sad news: Beloved actress Hilda Bernard passed away at the age of 101. Born in Puerto Deseado, province of Santa Cruz, the artist became an icon for the Argentine public and managed to … Read more

How old are Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira and how have they responded to criticism for their age difference

1649895627 How old are Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira and how

For love there is no age. One of the most famous and mediatic couples of recent times is the one that makes up renowned singer Marc Anthony Y the model Nadia Ferreira, whose relationship has been very well received by fans of the salsa artist. Despite this, some people have questioned the age difference between … Read more

Camilla from Cornwall proves that the bag she shares with Meghan Markle works at any age

1649856863 Camilla from Cornwall proves that the bag she shares with

Peter Byrne – PA ImagesGetty Images The most expensive purchases of the royals in 2021 Meghan Markle: her life in 10 curiosities and controversies Over time, Camilla of Cornwall has managed to put an end to the disagreements and win the sympathy and affection of the British people and the royal family. So much so … Read more

Regina Blandón showed “her old age up close”: this is how she answered those who criticize her for getting older

Regina Blandon showed her old age up close this is

However, this vulnerability and transparency with the photos and videos that she shares on social networks also make her a target of criticism and judgment from various Internet users. In this sense, the 31-year-old actress was recently criticized for looking “old” in one of her photos. The comment was relevant, because Blandón not only dedicated … Read more

Paula Andrea Betancur, the queen of Miss Universe who does not age: [Fotos]

Paula Andrea Betancur the queen of Miss Universe who does

Getty Images Paula Betancur, the former Miss Universe queen who does not age, took second place when Dayanara Torres won For the followers and fans of beauty pageants, the name of Paula Andrea Betancurwho represented Colombia in Miss Universe 1993, is one of the most remembered and admired of all time. The then Miss Colombiawho … Read more