Uvalde Texas massacre mourning Father Alberto Don Francisco

Rapper Lil Keed dies They say the last goodbye to

Different personalities express their condolences after the massacre that occurred in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas From Father Alberto and Don Francisco, to Bárbara Bermudo and María Elena Salinas, they share their feelings after this tragic event in which 19 students and two adults lost their lives. “Now their parents have to plan their … Read more

Alberto de Monaco ‘changes’ Charlene for his cousin: meet her

1650398440 Alberto de Monaco changes Charlene for his cousin meet her

The last few months have not been easy for the Grimaldis, especially for those around Albert of Monaco. To the situation of princess Charlene added, just a few days ago, the new contagion of the sovereign, who had already overcome the coronavirus in the first stage of the pandemic. The press department announced the news … Read more

Finally together! Charlene from Monaco is reunited with her children and Alberto for Christmas

Christmas is time for family reunions and these days there has been a long-awaited one: that of Princess Charlene with her husband Albert of Monaco and their two children, Princes Jacques and Gabriella, 7 years old. The sovereign’s wife, 43, is voluntarily admitted to a center in Europe, whose location has not been disclosed to … Read more

The photograph that could blow up the marriage of Charlene and Alberto de Monaco

1641316457 The photograph that could blow up the marriage of Charlene

Charlene may not look favorably on the photo of all Alberto’s children together (Photo by Xavier Bonilla / NurPhoto via Getty Images) Sometimes coincidences become causalities and it seems that this has just happened with the publication of a historical photograph that can mark a before and after in the marriage relationship between Charlene de … Read more

The first photo of the four children of Alberto de Monaco together

Jazmin Grace, the daughter of Alberto de Monaco, has welcomed the new year by summarizing what for her these past months have been, a fun montage of photos among which there are some with her boyfriend Ian Mellencamp and also a very familiar snapshot. In it you can see for the first time Prince Albert’s … Read more

The first photograph of the 4 children of Alberto de Monaco together

The first photograph of the 4 children of Alberto de

01/03/2022 – 10:51 Updated: 01/03/2022 – 11:15 At bad times, good face. Specifically, the smiling faces of the sons of Albert of Monaco, who happily pose to forget an ‘annus horribilis’ in the tiny Principality, marked above all by the prolonged absence of Princess Charlène. In a beautiful image shared on their social networks as … Read more

Charlene’s original Christmas greeting with Alberto and his children that generates a question

The Christmas dates are auspicious days for send best wishes to all those around us and, although it has been a difficult year for Princess Charlene, due to your health problems derived from an ENT infection, wanted to send an original Christmas greeting. Through an endearing image where you can see the former athlete with … Read more

Who is Elisabet Ranea, the wife and mother of Alberto Vázquez’s youngest son

Who is Elisabet Ranea the wife and mother of Alberto

(Photo: @ albertovazquezofic / Instagram) A few hours ago it transpired that Alberto Vazquez married his partner Elisabet ranea after 16 years of relationship. The well-known singer who shone in the Mexican Rock and Roll era shared his happiness with his social media followers by posting a tender photograph next to his now wife, who … Read more

Nicole Coste, Alberto de Monaco’s ex, returns to charge against Charlène: “It’s karma”

Nicole Coste Alberto de Monacos ex returns to charge against

12/07/2021 – 15:29 Updated: 07/12/2021 – 15:36 Neither the fact of being sick and needing absolute tranquility has made Nicole coste bury the ax of war against her. Because the Alberto de Monaco’s ex has returned to the charge against Charlène, with some statements in which he makes clear the null appreciation – to put … Read more

Alberto speaks clearly: Charlène’s health, her children’s school and the truth of their relationship

Alberto speaks clearly Charlenes health her childrens school and the

11/26/2021 – 11:22 Updated: 11/26/2021 – 11:34 We still have in our retina the image of Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco during National Day celebrations, with posters dedicated to his mother, the great absentee from the party. We could already get an idea that the two princes were the worst in the not be with … Read more