Alex Rodríguez was discovered with a woman equal to Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez tried to find the love of his life on several occasions and was always very close. However, the romances ended up coming to an end and both she and her former partners made the decision to go their separate ways. One of the men who won her over and stayed by her side … Read more

Shannon de Lima has already lived with Alex Speitzer’s family; ‘I see him in love,’ says her brother Carlos

life smiles at Alexander Speitzer and not only because of the success he has achieved in his acting career, but also because of the flatness he enjoys in his love life. After his separation from the Spanish actress Esther Exposito in the middle of last year, the protagonist of dark desire He remained single for … Read more

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz: massages and hot breakfast after a night of passion at El Hotel de los Famosos

Alex Caniggia and Melody Luz’s hot breakfast at the Hotel de los Famosos During the last morning of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece), prior to the weekly elimination gala, the kitchen staff was preparing breakfast for the guests. But at the edge of the closing time of the service, an important request was … Read more

Alex Perea defended himself against allegations of violence against women

Alex Perea responded to the allegations of violence against him Photo: Instagram/@alexpeaof Within the framework of International Women’s Day, the Mexican interpreter Alex Perea He was accused of allegedly having raped a woman in the past. Given the seriousness of the situation, the Mexican actor He decided to respond to the accusations through his social … Read more

Alex Caniggia’s reprehensible comment against Pampita that he later deleted


“The Hotel of the Famous” already has its first controversy: Alex Caniggia made a misplaced comment against Pampita It hasn’t started yet The Hotel of the Famousthe reality of The thirteen which will have Carolina pampita ardohean and to chinese leunis as hosts, it already brought its first controversy. The thing is alex caniggiaone of … Read more

Luz del Sol Neisa and Alex Adames gave some advice to have a stable relationship


Photo: Instagram @luzdelsolneisa Several months have passed since the actors Alex Adames and Luz del Sol Neisa They told their followers that, after the arrival of their first child, they are expecting a second baby in the family. Since then, everything has been happiness for this couple who, among other things, have accumulated a large … Read more

This was the LAST wish that Vicente Fernández asked his grandson Alex before he died


Alex Fernandez broke the silence on the death of Vicente Fernandez, He spoke about how they are living the duel from within the singer’s family. Alex assured that his grandfather asked him for a last wish before leaving and that in his mind is to fulfill the last petition of the patriarch of Los 3 … Read more

Álex González and María Pedraza pose together and hand in hand! for the first time

The relationship of María Pedraza and Álex González continues to take holdAfter six months of romance in which they have preferred to stay apart on the red carpets (even despite promoting the same series, Toy boy, in which they both participate). Finally, the couple has posed for the first time, and it has been at … Read more

Alexia Hernández, Alex Fernández’s wife, showed off her “baby bump” for the first time


(Photo: Instagram / @ alexfernandez.g) Alejandro Fernandez Jr. and Alexia Hernandez They touched social networks by showing, for the first time, the progress of their pregnancy. New parents also took the opportunity to send a tender message of love to their daughter Mine. It was last September when Alex Fernández and his wife surprised the … Read more

Alex Rodríguez is teased about Jennifer López in full broadcast for Fox Sports


Alex Rodriguez lived a moment of discomfort last Monday in full transmission of the third game of the Championship Series where the Boston Red Sox faced the Houston Astros. The former professional baseball player, who served as a commentator for Fox Sports, received some teasing related to his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez. Boston fans repeatedly yelled … Read more