Alfredo Adame will seek to reconcile with his children: “The time has come to agree to surrender with them”

Alfredo Adame again assured that he will look for his children for their reconciliation (Photo: Infobae México) Alfredo Adame He assured that he did contact his children before entering I’m famous, get me out of here and although at the time a meeting could not be arranged, now that he emerged victorious from the reality … Read more

Alfredo Adame ended his courtship with Magaly Chávez: “She is very capricious”

The couple would have ended their romance due to the behavior of both (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) Alfredo Adame assured that he will no longer arrive at the altar again, since he decided Finalize his relationship with Magaly Chavez due to the behavior her. In a meeting with the press, the controversial actor confessed that his courtship … Read more

Alfredo Adame wants to give an engagement ring as expensive as Ben Affleck’s to JLo: “I have my little storage”


The actor will get married soon (Photo: screenshot/YouTube) After the latest controversy Alfredo Adame with the lawyer of Carlos Trejo, the former driver of Today announced from a video on his social networks that he is already making preparations for his wedding with Magaly Chavez. And now, the controversial actor surprised by saying that he … Read more

Wedding bells ring for Alfredo Adame and his girlfriend 20 years younger


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Mary Paz Banquells, the actress who left everything for Alfredo Adame and paid dearly for it


She is the youngest of an artistic dynasty headed by her father, the legendary actor Rafael Banquells —the protagonist of the legendary telenovela Gutierritos— and the actress and dancer Dina de Marco, who were married for decades. Her sisters are Sylvia Pasquel (daughter of her father’s first marriage to Silvia Pinal) and Rocío Banquells, the … Read more

Alfredo Adame declared his love for Myrka Dellanos on a live show

Alfredo Adame took advantage of the interview to confess his love to the journalist. (Facebook Alfredo Adame / Instagram @myrkadellanos) After endless recent controversies in the media and even on social networks, the Mexican actor Alfredo Adame reappeared on a live show, in which despite currently being in a relationship with the now actress Magaly … Read more

Latin Lover spoke about a possible confrontation with Alfredo Adame: “That type of publicity does not interest me”


Alfredo Adame is 63 years old while Latin Lover is around 54. (Photo: Infobae / IG: @victor_latinlover) Latin Lover assured that he is not afraid of provoking a dislike in Alfredo Adame for his passionate kisses with Magaly Chávez, sentimental partner of the driver, in the play where they share credits. The former professional wrestler … Read more

Mary Paz Banquells assured that Alfredo Adame is sick: “He is psychotic”


Adame and Banquells were married for 25 years (Photos: Instagram/@alfredomex-1/@marypazbanquells_:oficial) Alfredo Adame He has become synonymous with violence and scandal in the media and social networks after a series of moments in which he has put himself in situations that are not very flattering for him and highly criticized by the Mexican public. Now, Mary … Read more

Alfredo Adame called Omar Chaparro a “dwarf with a complex” for making fun of his bicycle kicks


Alfredo Adame again attacked Omar Chaparro for making fun of him (Photos: Instagram @alfredoadamevonknoop/omarchaparro) Alfredo Adame responded to the last comments omar chaparro made about the capabilities that the former political contender has to fight, mainly with his knowledge of Mixed Martial Arts and the bicycle kicks. After Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s famous kicksas … Read more

Alfredo Adame says he is in love with Myrka Dellanos: the table got very hot on Telemundo


Alfredo Adame he began to sweat and even red was seen when he admitted to Telemundo’s Hot Table who for many years was in love with Myrka Dellanos. He asserted that he still is, because she is a beautiful woman. The famous actor and television host said that his crush on Myrka Dellanos comes from … Read more