Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, Ricardo Montaner’s ex-wife, spoke for the first time about the singer’s family and Stefi Roitman

Ana Rosa Vaz Ponicke Ricardo Montaners ex wife spoke for the

The woman decided to reveal how is her bond with who used to be her husband Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke It was Ricardo Montaner’s first wife, the mother of his two oldest children, who supported the artist in his first steps towards success. And although she stays away from the media and keeps a low … Read more

Ana Martín confessed that she has a “crush” with a famous British singer

Ana Martin confessed that she has a crush with a

(Photo: Instagram / @anamartinof) In recent years, Ana Martin has caught the attention of the public with its participation in social networks, as it has conquered the youngest users with its iconic photographs and funny TikToks. On this occasion, the renowned actress gave something to talk about by confessing that she feels a special attraction … Read more

Pampita in Punta del Este: children, work, beach and the particular gift that Ana Rosenfeld gave her

Pampita in Punta del Este children work beach and the

Pampita with Anita and Luciana, the baby’s godmother Carolina Pampita Ardohain She continues to enjoy a few days in Punta del Este in which she mixes rest and work, away from her husband Roberto García Moritan, but close to his children and his family. These days he was enjoying a massive lunch in José Ignacio. … Read more

Ana Bárbara spent Christmas with her family and Mariana Levy’s children

Ana Barbara spent Christmas with her family and Mariana Levys

Ana Bárbara showed how she lived her Christmas in the company of her family and Mariana Levy’s children (Photo: Instagram / @ anabarbaramusic) Ana Barbara again surprised in social networks by sharing photos of his Christmas dinner in the company of her children, her fiancé, but also with the children under Mariana levy, Emilio and … Read more

Ana Bárbara celebrated her youngest son’s birthday in the company of Emilio and Paula Levy

Ana Barbara celebrated her youngest sons birthday in the company

The singer premiered her new single (Photo: Screenshot / Ana Bárara) After being away from his family due to his contagion of COVID-19, Ana Barbara already could return home and took the opportunity to celebrate the tenth birthday of Jerome Barba, who actually celebrated one more year of life in early December. What stood out … Read more

Pampita shared a post by Ana and her brothers and surprised the baby’s resemblance to Blanquita

Pampita shared a post by Ana and her brothers and

Pampita with little Ana (Instagram) At just four and a half months old, Ana already has its own Instagram. The daughter of Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Roberto García Moritan has more than 174 thousand followers on that social network that, For obvious reasons, he drives his famous mom. And he does not stop touching everyone … Read more

Ana Lucía Domínguez celebrates her birthday and 30 years of career

Ana Lucia Dominguez celebrates her birthday and 30 years of

Ana Lucia Dominguez In these last weeks with which 2021 concludes and, among all the festivities that December encloses, Ana Lucia Dominguez he has another one in particular: his birthday. The actress gave her respective return to the sun of this year on December 2 and with that she realized that, beyond her now 38 … Read more

Ana Bárbara confessed which were the most difficult moments of her life

Ana Barbara confessed which were the most difficult moments of

The artist had already made a mistake when singing out of tune in 2012 prior to a boxing fight (Photo: Special) Singer Ana Barbara She remembered the most difficult moments of her life through tears: she spoke about the death of her sister, who passed away in a car accident, her father’s abandonment and how … Read more

Ana Brenda Contreras: who is Zacarías Melhem, the actress’s boyfriend

1636935131 Ana Brenda Contreras who is Zacarias Melhem the actresss boyfriend

Who is the boyfriend of Ana Brenda Contreras? Zacarías Melhem is the name of the new love of the American actress, of Mexican origin, Ana Brenda Contreras. The star of “Dynasty”, “Indomitable Heart” and “The One Who Couldn’t Love” has discreetly handled her relationship with the unknown character. For this reason, the recent photograph uploaded … Read more