Shakira would have caught Gerard Piqué with another woman in his bachelor apartment, according to Hola Chile

Shakira and Gerard Pique in 2013. Photo: Elkin Cabarcas. /Getty Images According to the presenters of the renowned Latin program hello chilithe separation of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué occurred because the Colombian I would have caught the star of FC Barcelona in his old bachelor apartment with the alleged 20-year-old girl. Apparently, Gerard Piqué would … Read more

Lío Pecoraro lived in the same apartment as Quico: the disappointing reason why he found out

Lío Pecoraro said that he lived in the same apartment as Quico Pecoraro mess revealed a curious coincidence with Carlos Villagranbetter known as quico. The journalist said that he lived in the same apartment and that he found out because before leaving the place where he stopped, the Mexican actor left several objects in the … Read more

Who is Felipe, the son of Roberto Pettinato whose apartment caught fire in Palermo


An apartment in the building on Calle Aguilar at 2390 in palermo it burned in Monday night hours. According to LA NACIÓN, the police officers who entered found a lifeless person. Three others were also injured by the incident, including Philip Pettinatoone of the sons of the renowned television host Roberto Pettinato. Philip is 29 … Read more

Eduardo Yáñez is still in litigation for his mother’s apartment that the executor of Ernesto Alonso claims


In February 2021 it was announced that Teresa Anayaexecutor of Ernesto Alonso, had filed a lawsuit against Eduardo Yáñez for a property in Mexico City that the actor would have paid the late soap opera producer more than three decades ago. The protagonist of the melodrama Amores Verdaderos and his lawyer gave an update on … Read more

This is the luxurious apartment of Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind the success of ‘Inventing Anna’


Screenwriter Shonda Rhimes traded her century-old California mansion for an apartment in New York Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images the director Shonda Rhimes52 years old and who has given much to talk about in recent weeks for being behind the success of the ‘Inventing Anna’ miniseriesopened the doors of his beautiful new york apartment to Architectural … Read more

Violent episode against Neymar’s mother: they assure that her boyfriend destroyed her apartment and the woman fled


Nadine Goncalves with Tiago Ramos The Brazilian press has echoed in recent days an event that occurred last week involving Nadine Goncalves, soccer player’s mother Neymar, and your partner, Tiago Ramos. Although from the player’s environment they insist that the relationship between the two ended months ago, a new episode of violence would have taken … Read more

Five celebrities who rent their apartment on Airbnb –


In recent times it has become a trend that several celebrities open the doors of their homes thanks to Airbnb. In addition, each one with different proposals can be accessed at the department of Sarah Jessica Parker, Charles Chaplin and several others. On the other hand, being a proposal promoted by Airbnb, everyone is happy … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence: an unhappy childhood, an adolescence of lies, and the New York apartment where she lived with rats


Jennifer Lawrence The prohibition was clear: she couldn’t play with other girls. That rule that threatened the healthy development of his childhood, found a foundation in his two older brothers, who were several years apart: Jennifer Lawrence She was the youngest and, being used to more rough games, her mother feared for the integrity of … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña enjoys his single life: new apartment, a lot of work and outings


Benjamin Vicuña Days go by and lower the temperature of the scandal that involved the marriage between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi with Eugenia the China Suarez, designated as the third in contention. As an indirect protagonist, Benjamin Vicuña, recently separated from the actress after five years of relationship, adopted a low profile and stayed … Read more