Armando Araiza longs to return to TV but nobody hires him and he reinvents himself on TikTok

Armando Araiza at a press conference to promote his workshop Re-Arming your life in October 2020 (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images). Armando Araiza He longs to return to television. And if you are one of those who wonders who Armando Araiza is, you could easily relate him to his brother Raúl the black Araiza, … Read more

Raúl Araiza criticized Jorge ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin for his way of dressing: “You’re worth madr * the physique”

Raúl Araiza criticized “El Burro” Van Rankin On Air Members has stood out as the program that provided a space for various male celebrities to touch on issues and aspects that interest women, where they even give advice to those already mentioned, from the point of view of men. But not everything is rosy, because … Read more

Raúl Araiza recalled how he escaped from Daniela Castro with the help of Alexis Ayala


The actors remembered how bad their relationships were with their girlfriends (Photo: Instagram / @ membersalairetv) Raul Araiza Y Alexis Ayala They boasted how long their friendship has been, and also the strength it has taken over the years, recounting how in their youth they managed to escape from their girlfriends on one occasion, Daniela … Read more