The Argentine Bruce Willis: he replaced the actor on an official tour and even Dua Lipa confused him with the original

Interview with double Bruce Willis It’s almost seven in the morning and there are still more than four hours to catch the plane to Panama. Although it is recommended to arrive at the airport three hours before, he knows that between the photos and videos that they are going to ask him for, he will … Read more

Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: They say goodbye to the Argentine announcer

Argentine actor Daniel Guerrero, dies at the age of 76. His daughter says goodbye to him through Facebook, remembers his best moments. This was the long career of the Argentine actor and broadcaster. Actor Daniel Guerrero dies: The world of television and radio is dressed in mourning for the loss of the Galán de Galanes, … Read more

Iris Chacón mourns the death of Argentine actor Daniel Guerrero

The Puerto Rican star and actress, Iris Chacón, lamented the death of the Argentine actor and broadcaster, Daniel Guerrero, who died this Saturday at the age of 76, according to the Argentine Association of Actors, his ex-wife Zulma Faiad and their two daughters, Daniela and Eleonora Z. Guerrero. The Argentine star had been in intensive … Read more

Strong statement from Argentine Actresses to accompany Thelma Fardin: “The time of impunity is over”


“Today, with the start of the oral trial in Brazil, we accompanied Thelma Fardin as on December 11, 2018, when her criminal complaint against Juan Darthés was made public for the rape suffered nine years before, as a minor, during a tour working in Nicaragua. Thus ends a three-year cycle for the cause, which continued … Read more

The trial begins against the Argentine actor Juan Darthés, accused of raping the actress Thelma Fardin when he was 16 years old


Published: Nov 30, 2021 15:52 GMT The case sparked social upheaval and sparked a broad debate on sexual abuse. The trial against Argentine actor Juan Darthés, who is accused of having raped actress Thelma Fardin when she was a minor, began this Tuesday amid wide expectations and activism from the feminist movement around a case … Read more

Argentine actress Thelma Fardín, before the rape trial against Juan Darthés: “I expect a restorative response”


Argentine actress Thelma Fardín, during an interview with EL PAÍS in Buenos Aires, on November 26, 2021.Enrique Garcia Medina Almost three years have passed since the Argentine actress Thelma Fardín (San Carlos de Bariloche, 29 years old) publicly revealed that she was raped when she was a minor by actor Juan Darthés. Days later, he … Read more

Michael Bublé, more Argentine than ever: his love for mate and Christmas customs that he took from Luisana Lopilato


Michael Bublé spoke of his love for Argentine culture transmitted to him by his wife, Luisana Lopilato Canadian singer Michael Bublé just released a special edition of his Christmas album Christmas, and in addition to the routine words of promotion, he spoke about his personal life, which takes place between the south and north of … Read more