Armando Araiza longs to return to TV but nobody hires him and he reinvents himself on TikTok

Armando Araiza at a press conference to promote his workshop Re-Arming your life in October 2020 (Photo: Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images). Armando Araiza He longs to return to television. And if you are one of those who wonders who Armando Araiza is, you could easily relate him to his brother Raúl the black Araiza, … Read more

Loving you hurts: Armando Hernández revealed how much he was paid to act in the famous movie

Armando Hernández gave life to “Genaro” in the 2002 film (Photo: Instagram @armandohernandezoficial) Armando Hernández rose to fame massively with the release of the film Loving You hurts, released in 2002 and starring Luis Fernando Peña and Martha Higareda. This film has managed to persist in the collective memory of the public, being considered as … Read more

The photo of China Suárez and Armando Mena Navareño together and more and more in love


Armando Mena Navareño and China Suárez It is not known if, finally, they were able to meet again. The truth is that on Friday night, Eugenia The China Suarez posted a picture hugging Armando Mena Navareno in what appears to be a restaurant box. And the Spaniard shared the postcard by adding the same heart … Read more

Armando Mena Navareño declared his love for China Suárez: an unpublished photo and a romantic message


Armando Mena Navareño declared his love for China Suárez: an unpublished photo and a romantic message At the end of January, China Suárez confirmed her romance with the Spaniard Armando Mena Navareño. Through a post at the same time with the influencer, the couple shared the news of their love. Both posted on their social … Read more

Who is Armando Mena Navareño, the Spanish boyfriend of China Suárez


China Suarez and Armando Mena Navareno A photo and two emojis were enough to make public a relationship that has been going on for months. A heart and a flame were accompanied by a romantic image in which Eugenia the China Suarez is sitting on Armando Mena Navareno, her new boyfriend: a Spanish businessman whom … Read more

To be interviewed Diego Armando Maradona asked for all seasons of “El Chavo del 8”


From idol to idol. No one would think that Argentine soccer star Diego Armando Maradona would be a huge fan of the show. “The boy of 8″, Created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, to the point that he requested the complete chapters of the series in exchange for providing an interview. MORE INFORMATION: The millionaire figure … Read more