Greeicy’s scolding of Mike Bahía for the dangerous maneuver with his son Kai in his arms

Although there are very few things that the singers have shared about their son, Greeicy uploaded a story in which her partner is seen carrying the baby in a very particular way. (Photo: Dario Burbano/@greeicy) A little over a month ago, the Colombian singers Greeicy and Mike Bahía became parents. After almost ten years of … Read more

Who is Carla Vigo, the queen’s niece who criticizes Letizia’s toned arms: “They don’t look good on a girl, I would look horrible”

Maybe Carla Vigoniece of Queen Letizia, has taken a step forward just now and unfortunately so out of sheer unconsciousness. Letizia Ortiz’s niece, 21, has wanted Give your opinion about her royal aunt and about her cousin and future queen Eleanor at the most inconvenient moment: when the visit of the King Juan Carlos first … Read more

Adamari López captured in the arms of another man

Adamari López captured in the arms of another man. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM After officially announcing his separation from his ex-partner and father of his daughter, Alaïa Costa, Toni Costa, the Puerto Rican actress, Adamari Lopez She was caught in the arms of another man causing great surprise and confusion on social media. Through some Instagram … Read more