Yolanda Andrade called María Félix “diabolical” and assured that she had her son for “business”

Yolanda Andrade against María Félix (Photo: INAH/IG @MontseyJoe) Maria Felix is one of the icons of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema that not only stood out for its notorious beauty, but also captivated multiple generations with its personality and acting talent. But this time, The Lady –who passed away in 2002- was harshly criticized … Read more

Merle Uribe assured that Vicente Fernández paid 4 million dollars to Patricia Rivera to keep her away

Merle Uribe uncovered the large amount that Vicente Fernández paid Patricia Rivera to keep her away (Photos: Twitter/@cinede-oromx/@vicente.el_rey) In the middle of the premiere of the second season of The last kingunauthorized biographical series of Vicente Fernandez, Merle Uribe assured that Chente you revealed how much money he gave her a Patricia Riveraone of his … Read more

Mary Paz Banquells assured that Alfredo Adame is sick: “He is psychotic”


Adame and Banquells were married for 25 years (Photos: Instagram/@alfredomex-1/@marypazbanquells_:oficial) Alfredo Adame He has become synonymous with violence and scandal in the media and social networks after a series of moments in which he has put himself in situations that are not very flattering for him and highly criticized by the Mexican public. Now, Mary … Read more

Gaby Spanic assured that he will not pay a single peso to Gustavo Adolfo Infante


Mezcaliente Gaby Spanic wins lawsuit The legal dispute between Gaby Spanic and the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante seems like a war that has come to an end, this time our eternal “Usurper” assured in an interview with Televisa that you will not have to pay compensation journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante. PlayGaby Spanic assures that she … Read more

Pedro Infante’s grandson assured that the actor faked his death due to links with drug traffickers


César Augusto Infante assured that his grandfather died at the age of 95 and not in the 1957 plane crash (Photos: SIC / Government of Mexico // YouTube Capture / Double G) Almost 65 years after the death of Pedro Infanteone of the grandsons of Idol of Guamuchil assured that his grandfather He didn’t die … Read more

Gustavo Adolfo Infante assured that Ninel Conde has already sued Anabel Hernández


The entertainment journalist’s statements were given in the last broadcast of the “First Hand” program (Photos: Instagram/EFE/Instagram) It was in 2021 when the journalist Anabel Hernandez published the book Emma and the other narco ladieswhich revealed that allegedly various entertainment figures in Mexico They would have had links with leaders of organized crime. Its pages … Read more

Andrés García assured that a pill “for a bad mood” caused him leukemia


Andrés has been retired from acting for almost two decades (Photo: screenshot / YouTube) Andrés García has been giving statements about his state of health, Revelations that have shocked his audience who are concerned about the condition of the veteran actor, who at 80 years old lives alone in his house ‘El Paraiso’, in the … Read more

Diana Golden assured that Alfredo Adame’s street fight is “of other people’s sorrow”


Diana Golden called the street fight in which Alfredo Adame got involved “painful” and “regrettable” (Photos: Cuartoscuro // Facebook/Alfredo Adame Oficial) Behind the Fight that Alfredo Adame starred in the middle of the street, his ex-wife Diana Golden reacted to the videos about the fight broadcast; assured that it is one more example of what … Read more

Montserrat Oliver assured that everyone already knew about the relationship between the drug trafficker and celebrities


Montserrat spoke about the alleged ties of the drug trafficker with celebrities In recent days, constant criticism has been unleashed thanks to the book Emma and the other narco ladies written by the journalist Anabel Hernandez, since several personalities of the show appear, so Montserrat oliver decided to give his opinion on it. According to … Read more