Yuri’s gun, her suicide attempt and the bullying she suffers for being a Christian: this was her interview in Something Personal with Jorge Ramos

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, better known as Yuri, was crowned the “Mexican Madonna” and for a long time captivated thousands of fans with her voice. Thanks to her talent, she enjoyed great stardom: from being the first Mexican to perform in Viña del Mar and being the queen of the festival, to becoming the first singer … Read more

Héctor Sandarti talks about his suicide attempt

Getty Héctor Sandarti and the strongest stage of his life The host of La Casa de Los Famosos, Héctor Sandarti, was honest and commented that he had a complicated childhood and adolescence marked by shyness. In turn, The possibility of taking his own life flashed through his mind. Sandarti in a Youtube interview with Yordi … Read more

From a fleeting marriage to a suicide attempt: Bradley Cooper’s painful journey

Bradley Cooper | Getty Images Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Bradley Cooper He has been crowned as one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood and loved by the public thanks to his charisma and great talent. However, the success he has reaped has not come only with moments of happiness, also They have … Read more