Pauline Ducruet, the atypical life of Estefania’s true heiress

Pauline Ducruet celebrates his twenty-eighth birthday this Wednesday. the eldest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco She has found her true vocation in the world of fashion, and love next to the businessman Maxime Giaccardi, with whom, at the moment, it seems that she has no wedding plans. the niece of Albert of Monaco He has … Read more

‘Encanto’ won the atypical gala of the Golden Globes

There were not many surprises in the new and unusual awards ceremony Golden Globes (Golden Globes), which were announced without fanfare or cymbal on the social networks and YouTube, will go down in history as awards without much significance. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) in charge of delivering these recognitions tried to erase the … Read more

From the unusual image of newlyweds to the forceful declaration of love: the atypical ‘yes, I want’ of Mako from Japan

Mako from Japan has finally had his happy ending. The Princess, niece of the emperor and daughter of the crown prince Akishino, married her fiancé on Tuesday, attorney Kei Komuro. The couple has waited three years to celebrate their nuptials And, especially she, has had to make many resignations that have reduced her mental health. … Read more