Mike Bahía broke the silence and spoke about Greeicy Rendón’s treatment of her baby

Greeicy Rendón, who is currently one of the most important artists in Colombia, reappeared a few days ago on social networks after giving birth to little Kai and showed how everything related to motherhood has gone. Through Instagram stories, The singer shared with all her followers that this stage has not been so simple and … Read more

Rocío Marengo made a painful announcement: “There is no baby on the way, I am sad”

Rocío Marengo gave up her project of being a mother In the middle of April, Dew Marengo he had made a big announcement about his personal life. At that time, and while various rumors were spreading that she wanted to become a mother, the media enabled a game of questions and answers in Instagram and … Read more

Amber Heard’s closing statement in tears: “People want to put my baby in the microwave”

Amber Heard returned to testify after the declarations of Kate Moss in favor of Johnny Depp. (Photo: Michael Reynolds/Pool via REUTERS) After interventions by Jason Momoa and Kate Moss on trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard being held at the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Fairfax, Virginia, United States, the controversy continues. A few … Read more

Britney Spears announces sad news on networks: she lost her baby

Britney Spears announces sad news on networks: she lost her baby | INSTAGRAM SPECIAL Britney Spears announces sad news on networks: she lost her baby. After obtaining her freedom, after 13 years of having remained under the guardianship of her father, who forced her to take contraceptives, it seemed that the pop star’s life was … Read more

Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton shared an outing, Hilary Duff walked with her baby: celebrities in a click


In addition, Heidi Klum wore a patterned look and Anitta attended a fashion event in West Hollywood. Bella Hadid was photographed walking the streets of the East Village in New York. She wore a printed skirt, a basic white muscle shirt and a brown jacket. She wore long black stockings, leather boots that she combined … Read more

Mario Cimarro talks about the moment he found out he would be a father and the name of his baby


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and other outstanding ‘looks’ on the night of the 2022 Grammys 02:05 Adam Levine bought a $52 million mansion that any celebrity would envy 01:19 Ana Bárbara shows how to wear an outfit without … Read more

LIKE A BUCKET OF ‘COLD WATER’. Weeks away from announcing their wedding, are they running out of love? Francisca answers about her ‘divorce’ with the father of her baby (VIDEO)


Does he cancel his long-awaited wedding with Francesco? Francisca Lachapel alarms answering a question Could it be that 8 months after becoming a mother, she already couldn’t stand her marriage? Trouble in paradise? Francisca Lachapel a few weeks ago talked about her divorce with her ex, Rocky Lachapel, but now she is questioned about what … Read more

Indigo, the baby of Evaluna and Camilo, will NOT bear the surname Montaner for this REASON


Eva Luna and Camilo The hours are already counting to receive her first child, Indigo, because at this point in your advanced pregnancy, the baby could be born at any time. The couple, as well as their families, are impatiently awaiting the arrival of this new member, however in recent days the announcement that Ricardo … Read more

The first photos of Luisana Lopilato in the sweet expectation of her fourth child: “Baby on board”


Luisana Lopilato is pregnant with her fourth child with Michael Bublé early march louisana lopilato confirmed the happy news that is in the sweet expectation of her fourth child with Michael Bublé. after some rumors that arose from images of the backstage of a video clip which starred with her husband, the couple shared their … Read more

With the most tender photo of her baby, Iran Castillo shows off how much she has grown

since you arrived Demianin the House of iran castle all the members of his family have taken out his talent as a photographer. With endearing snapshots of the baby, the actress and Pepe Ramos have shared on Instagram more special images of the little one who, on March 9, turned a month. Among the most … Read more