Latest revelations: Alec Baldwin’s fatal shot could be ‘sabotage’

1636112066 Latest revelations Alec Baldwins fatal shot could be sabotage

The latest revelations about Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting during a shoot are truly disturbing. Much is being drawn about this case that has shocked the world of cinema, although now it has been known that the whole event could be due to sabotage. The lawyers of Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the gunsmith from the set of … Read more

The Baldwins on their bittersweet Halloween: Alec’s half smile and Hilaria’s message

1635977827 The Baldwins on their bittersweet Halloween Alecs half smile and

11/01/2021 – 10:09 Updated: 11/01/2021 – 10:19 This weekend Hilaria and Alec Baldwin They were with the press that since the fatal accident occurred in which the actor killed a woman from his film crew, he has not stopped following him everywhere. In that tense encounter, the actor decided talk to journalists To try to … Read more

The Weapons Keeper on the Set of Alec Baldwin’s Tape Breaks the Silence

It’s been a week since the tragic accident that occurred on the tape’s recording set Rust, starring Alec baldwin, in which unfortunately he lost his life the director of photography Halyna hutchins being hit by a bullet during one of the scenes. Since then, the authorities have made it clear that they are conducting an … Read more