“With influences and lawyers”: For hanging out with Belinda, Nodal would pay more consequences

Belinda and her family go after Christian Nodal “they will sue him” | Instagram Belinda and his family would be willing to act against Christian Nodal and would do so legally, as would have transpired a few days ago. They recently confirmed that the “naturalized mexican” and his family are already in meetings with lawyers. … Read more

Poncho de Nigris made fun of Nodal’s tattoos: “I don’t know if I got out of a prison or Belinda left me”

Poncho de Nigris put a filter with tattoos on his face to make a joke. After his breakup with Belindathe private life of Christian Nodal has been placed at the center of public opinion, as both Internet users and public figures have made jokes, memes and direct criticism of the tattoos on his face and … Read more

Christian Nodal confessed to being tired of criticism after his breakup with Belinda: “I have regretted it from the heart”

Christian Nodal opened his heart in front of his followers Christian Nodal, after finding himself in the eye of the hurricane due to the most recent controversy in which he was involved after announcing various conversations he had with Belinda when they were still dating, he opened his heart and accepted all the mistakes he … Read more

“Bottle after bottle” Would Belinda drive Nodal to excesses?

Belinda would get money from Christian Nodal for the drink | Instagram Belinda has been one of the most notable in its relationship with Christian Nodalin addition to being “interested”, who only “takes advantage of her partners”, among many other things, now comes the version that she also “3brigaba” Nodal to get what she wanted. … Read more

Belinda: the precious object of Christian Nodal that he still has

In the last days, Belinda and Christian Nodal have been seen involved in a controversy for the comment made by the mother of the pop artist against the regional singer. MORE INFORMATION: This is how Belinda reacted to the controversial messages leaked by Christian Nodal And it is that, as it is recalled, after ending … Read more

Lupillo Rivera reacted to Belinda and Nodal’s controversy: “A man’s duty is to shut up”

(Instagram photo: @juanriveramusic, @belindapop/ Getty Images photo) The recent controversy that broke out between Belinda and Christian Nodal It continues to give something to talk about and has not only divided opinions on social networks, it has also caused some reactions in the world of entertainment. Such was the case with Lupillo Riverawho was infuriated … Read more

Trips, parties and the millionaire ring: the expensive gifts that Christian Nodal gave Belinda

The celebrities had a romantic relationship of about a year and a half (Photo: Christian Nodal) It was in the middle of his participation in Mexico’s voicewhere they functioned as coacheswhat In 2020 there was a crush between Belinda and Christian Nodal. At first the union caused speculation and there were not a few who … Read more

While Nodal erases the last tattoo he had of Belinda, another man tattoos his name

While Nodal erases the last tattoo he had of Belinda, another man tattoos his name. | PHOTO: SPECIAL The controversy between what was considered the couple of the year 2020, continues to give much to talk about, this time because, while Nodal the last tattoo he had of Belinda is erased, another man tattoos his … Read more

Christian Nodal has already removed his last tattoo alluding to Belinda

The couple made their break public in February 2022 (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop) Christian Nodal and Belinda caused a stir on February 12, 2022, when the singer was the first to share in a statement that he had ended his romantic relationship with the 32-year-old modelto whom he was linked for almost a year and a half. … Read more

Daniel Bisogno calls Christian Nodal “vulgar and disgusting” for leaking a conversation with Belinda

Daniel Bisogno / Christian Nodal. Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente Although It’s been more than three months since Belinda Y Christian Nodal confirmed their separationboth return to give something to talk about, and it is that a few days ago the Mexican regional singer released a private conversation with his exwhich has generated insults and comments … Read more