Pampita told why she invited Benjamín Vicuña to her birthday and revealed if she really managed to forgive him

Pampita told why she invited Benjamin Vicuna to her birthday

Pampita referred to her relationship with Vicuña and revealed if she could forgive him At a party full of gifts, surprises, glamor and lots of dancing, Pampita celebrated the arrival of 44 years in a restaurant on the Costanera. She did it with her husband Roberto Garcia Moritan -who also celebrated because his birthday was … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña is already shown with Eli Sulichín, Pampita’s friend with whom she is dating

Benjamin Vicuna is already shown with Eli Sulichin Pampitas friend

Benjamín Vicuña consolidates his relationship with Eli Sulichín, friend of Pampita Love can appear in the most unexpected place. In fact, after separating from Eugenia the China Suarez, mother of his children Magnolia Y Amancio, Benjamin Vicuna I couldn’t imagine that Cupid It would surprise him neither more nor less than in the house of … Read more

Benjamin Amadeo’s daughter was born: her particular name and the surprising gesture of her ex, Lali Esposito

Benjamin Amadeos daughter was born her particular name and the

Benjamín and Martina have been a couple for five years and in the last hours they became parents Just over two months ago, Benjamin Amadeo announced in the most original way that he would become a father for the first time. He did it at the end of October, during a concert he was giving … Read more

What Eli Sulichin said to his friends about his relationship with Benjamín Vicuña

What Eli Sulichin said to his friends about his relationship

Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin Before saying goodbye to The angels of the morning, Yanina Latorre told the last scoop in the cycle that Ángel de Brito led on the screen of El Trece for five seasons. The panelist revealed the new romance of the summer: Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin, a 32-year-old girl whom … Read more

After rumors of romance with a friend of Pampita, Benjamín Vicuña uploaded a tender photo with another woman

After rumors of romance with a friend of Pampita Benjamin

Benjamin Vicuña In the middle of the versions that indicate that he would be dating a friend of Pampita, Benjamin Vicuña He shared an image with another woman on his social networks. In the Instagram post, the Chilean actor is seen sitting at a table with his mother and with a message at the bottom … Read more

The photos of the spectacular bachelor house of Benjamín Vicuña, near Pampita and his children

The photos of the spectacular bachelor house of Benjamin Vicuna

After their separation, both Eugenia la China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña left the family home they shared to seek new directions. While the actress moved into a large house in a private neighborhood that she is remodeling, the Chilean went to Barrio Parque to a spectacular six-room house. Located in the neighborhood designed by the … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña spoke with an open heart about the death of his daughter Blanca: “I forgave God”

Benjamin Vicuna spoke with an open heart about the death

Blanca Vicuña died on September 8, 2012 and her departure caused great commotion on both sides of the Cordillera Pampita Ardohain and Benjamín Vicuña went through the most painful moment of their lives together when they received the tragic news of the death of their daughter Blanca, only 6 years old. Each month they both … Read more

The live brake on Mauro Icardi and the talk with Benjamín Vicuña: what was not seen from Susana Giménez’s interview with Wanda Nara

The live brake on Mauro Icardi and the talk with

Wanda Nara and Susana Giménez with Paris in the background A week ago, the wait was seenor preview of the interview of the year. Susana gimenez, Wanda nara and a brief final appearance of Mauro Icardi. The stage, Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background and illuminated in all its splendor. The aperitif was … Read more

La China Suárez, her relationship with money and the house that Benjamín Vicuña would have left her

The reasons and the date of return of China Suarez

China Suarez His first job was in 2000 when he was just eight years old and he appeared in an episode of Unitarian Final time, two years later he debuted in Corner of Light and from then on he did not stop working: television, theater tours and cinema. However, despite having been in the media … Read more

Strong reflection of Benjamín Vicuña on the end of his relationship with China Suárez

Strong reflection of Benjamin Vicuna on the end of his

Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez were together for five years and are the parents of Magnolia and Amancio Reluctant to give interviews in which they ask him about his private life, little by little Benjamin Vicuña he begins to make public some thoughts about the turbulence he has been experiencing in recent months. Days ago, … Read more