Regina Blandón was honest about her first marriage: “It was not a friendly breakup”

Regina and Roberto got married in September 2017. (Photo: @reginablandon, @robtalcual/Instagram) Four years after her divorce, Regina Blandón opened her heart to share Why did you decide to end your marriage? the standup Mexican Roberto Flores and how he currently feels about it, especially after he decided to give himself a new opportunity in love … Read more

Regina Blandón showed “her old age up close”: this is how she answered those who criticize her for getting older

However, this vulnerability and transparency with the photos and videos that she shares on social networks also make her a target of criticism and judgment from various Internet users. In this sense, the 31-year-old actress was recently criticized for looking “old” in one of her photos. The comment was relevant, because Blandón not only dedicated … Read more

Regina Blandón exploded again due to the rumor about Eugenio Derbez and the harassment

Regina Blandón explained that Derbez’s behavior is irreproachable (Photos: Instagram@reginablandon/@ederbez) After Eugenio Derbez was pointed out for alleged harassment through a Twitter account, Regina Blandon enraged and defended his project colleague on this same social network, explaining that his conduct had been “irreproachable.” However, recently Regina Blandón had a meeting with the press and it … Read more

Regina Blandón responded to those who criticize her for using inclusive language: “We must inform ourselves”

Regina Blandón speaks out in favor of inclusive language Mexican actress, Regina Blandon has stood out throughout its history, for being a Algid promoter of social causes such as her support for the community LGBTQ+, in favor of the decriminalization of abortion and the use of inclusive language. Due to this, various users on social … Read more

Regina Blandón sent a forceful message to the anti-vaccine people: “Ya chole, right?”

The actress had Covid-19 (Photo: Ig @reginablandon) A few hours ago, the Mexican actress, Regina Blandón, used her social networks to send a strong message to the anti-vaccine population, whom he invited to inoculate with the COVID-19 vaccine in order to combat the health emergency that is being experienced in the country. From her Instagram … Read more

“I wish you open-mindedness”: Regina Blandón responded to haters who called her “liberal”

Regina was criticized (Photo: reginablandon / Instagram) Regina Blandón Not only has she stood out for her acting skills, but groups of people have strongly attacked her for being openly in favor of inclusive language, the LGBTTTIQA + community or the decriminalization of abortion. Therefore, on this occasion, the artist got tired of the constant … Read more