Because of the larvae that infested her body, Luz Elena González thought she had cancer

Luz Elena González revealed that due to the battle her body had against the larvae that infested it last year, she came to think that she had cancer. It was on March 23, 2021 when the actress of Mi Fortuna Es Amarte announced that she contracted the cutaneous larva migrans disease, which caused symptoms such … Read more

Cande Tinelli uploaded a photo in a bikini and had to go out to respond to criticism for her body

Cande Tinelli pointed against the haters and gave advice to his followers Although today there is already a greater awareness of how harmful criticism can be for a person’s physical appearance, the truth is that social networks are still plagued with haters that are dedicated to flooding the profiles of celebrities with derogatory comments. In … Read more

Priyanka Chopra denounces the “shameful” ad of an Indian body spray that promotes rape culture

Victims of rape by Russian soldiers seek justice 4:29 (CNN Business) — A television advertisement for a body spray for men was pulled from the air in India after critics said it made reference to the gang rape. Bollywood celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Richa Chadha and Farhan Khan are among those who have lashed … Read more

Model Miss BumBum broke her silence and stated that Piqué asked her for measurements of her body

Several days have passed since the Colombian singer Shakira and the Spanish footballer of Barcelona Gerard Piqué have been the protagonists of various covers of entertainment sites around the world. The reason? Rumors have spread about a possible breakup of the couple, who have been in a relationship for years, but without getting married. There … Read more

Bárbara de Regil shows herself natural and shows off her stretch marks: “This is my body and I love it”

Bárbara shows herself natural and shows off her stretch marks (Photo: Instagram/@barbaraderegil) Barbara of Regil paralyzed social networks during the last week of May by sharing an emotional message of self love and an intimate photograph showing himself naturally with his stretch marks, to which he dedicated some emotional words. It was through your account. … Read more

Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body

Salma Hayek and her secret diet to show off an enviable body Recently the famous actress Salma Hayek has announced his secret diet to show off an enviable body at 55 years of age, because without a doubt she has one of the most incredible figures and without surgeries. That’s right, it seems that Salma … Read more

Becky G shows off her spectacular body on the beach | Hotter than Chili


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Flor Vigna’s blunt response to a follower who criticized her body


The artist reacted when she received criticism about her body With over 5.5 million Instagram followers, vine flower She is very active on her social media. Since she launched her career as a singer, she made some changes in her social networks, and as she said, she also went through a personal metamorphosis that led … Read more

Body language expert analyzes Rock’s reaction to Smith’s punch


What did Chris Rock think after being slapped by Will Smith? Spidey, a ‘youtuber’ who is dedicated to the analysis of the body language of people, examined the scene that was a world trend during the ceremony of the Oscar Awards 2022 and gave his opinion about it. With more than 58,000 subscribers, ‘The Behavioral … Read more

Will Smith: body language expert analyzes the reaction of the actor at the Oscars 2022


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