Summary of Peru 3-0 Bolivia: relive the incidents, goals and everything that left the qualifying match

Peru beat Bolivia 3-0 in one of his best matches in the Qualifying Qatar 2022. The ‘Bicolor’ complied with the rules of the ‘3G’: they won, thrashed and liked in the match played at the National Stadium in Lima in order to reinsert themselves in the fight for a place in the World Cup. More … Read more

The bad moment of L-Ghent: he decompensated when he arrived in Bolivia and had to be assisted

L- Ghent “Oxygen 420 for the blacks“, wrote L-Ghent on their social networks, just minutes after arriving in Bolivia. The thing is the height played a trick on him and after his arrival at the Oruro airport the singer became unbalanced and had to be assisted. After receiving oxygen, 21-year-old Elianyes, he recovered and was … Read more