China Suárez’s sharp response to L-Ghent about her musical career: “I sang before you were born”

L-Gante was surprised to hear that China Suárez launched herself alone and she responded on Twitter Elian Valenzuela returned to Argentina after his family vacation in Europe, and several cell phones were waiting for him at the Ezeiza airport, in addition to his fans. Relaxed and happy for the affection with which he is always … Read more

“I could not have been born”: Carla Giraldo spoke about her adoption and other details of her life

In an interview on Instagram with the presenter of Noticias Caracol Juan Diego Alvira, the actress Carla Giraldo revealed some details about her personal life and delved a little deeper into her adoption. It is no secret to anyone that the winner of the most recent edition of the reality show MasterChef Colombia is adopted … Read more

Susan Boyle today: she earns millions that she does not spend, lives in the modest house where she was born and awaits the film about her life

Today Susan owns four companies that, in 2019 alone, left her three million dollars in net profit (Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images) According to the British media Daily Star, Susan Boyle has a fortune that exceeds $32 millionbut according to people with money, his total earnings are around 46 million. In any case, it is a … Read more

Julieta Nair Calvo was a mother: Valentino was born, her first child with Andrés Rolando

The actress gave birth to Valentino, her firstborn with Andrés Rolando, and congratulations rained down on social networks With a tender video, Julieta Nair Calvo shared her joy at the birth of Valentino, her firstborn with Andrés Rolando. After three years together, the couple is experiencing with great emotion the arrival of their first child. … Read more

Paulo Londra’s daughter was born, in the midst of the conflict with her ex: the first image

Paulo Londra’s daughter was born (Video: “Intruders” – America) In the midst of the conflict with his ex, Rocio Morenothis noon it transpired that Paul London he became a father for the second time. This was announced in intruderswhere they obtained the word of the singer at the exit of the clinic in Córdoba. “The … Read more

This is how the love between Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Burrola was born

The bride and groom enjoy their relationship (Photo: Screenshot) Mauricio Ochmann was married to Aislinn Derbez and they both had a daughter, Kailin, however, after a tough separation, the actor resumed his love life and started a relationship. new relationship with model Paulina Burrola. It was so on this occasion, the pair of lovers decided … Read more

Benjamin Amadeo’s daughter was born: her particular name and the surprising gesture of her ex, Lali Esposito

Benjamín and Martina have been a couple for five years and in the last hours they became parents Just over two months ago, Benjamin Amadeo announced in the most original way that he would become a father for the first time. He did it at the end of October, during a concert he was giving … Read more

A survey based on the birth of celebrities reveals in which month the most handsome are born

Singer Jennifer Lopez is looking for an owner for her penthouse in Ny. Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images On Roberto Mtz’s podcast One of his guests took as one of the topics to talk a supposed poll named: “In what month are the most attractive people born”. As he explained, 500 celebrities were taken … Read more

Khloe Kardashian sorry, Tristan Thompson’s baby was born, he asked his lover to abort

Khloe Kardashian sorry, Tristan Thompson’s baby was born, he asked his lover to abort. Personal trainer Maralee Nichols, who is suing basketball star Tristan Thompson for child support, gave birth to a baby boy. exclusively revealed on Friday that Sacramento star Kings would become a father for the third time after an alleged affair … Read more