Carolina Baldini and a bath boy nicknamed He-Man: 14 years after the scandal that caused the separation of Cholo Simeone

Caroline Baldini “I am still faithful to Cholo, despite what is happening to us, which is not a little“, He said Caroline Baldini in August 2008 about his relationship with Diego Simeon, the father of her three children. In the summer of that year, photos of him had appeared in San Bernardo, very close to … Read more

“He’s just a boy!” Jon Stewart Defends Pete Davidson From Kanye West Attacks

Written in CELEBRITIES the 3/23/2022 10:55 p.m. In the last weeks, pete davidsonn has had to face the attacks of kanye-west on social networks and although the comedian has preferred to remain silent, some of his friends have come out to defend him, including Jon Stewart. During an appearance on Howard Stern’s “SiriusXM” radio show, … Read more

Yanfri, the boy who became an ‘influencer’: passing fame that would not be a fairy tale


Quickly, the recording spread to the various networks. Until rapper ‘Ice Cube’ shared Yanfri on one of his Instagram stories, at the end of November, a few days after publication. Since then, the Afro-descendant child -that lives in a humble area of ​​that municipality submerged in poverty and abandoned– He caught the attention of the … Read more

My Burrito Sabanero: the story of the Venezuelan boy who popularized the Christmas carol and did not receive “not a bolivar cut in half”


Ricardo Cuenci, 8 years old, rides a donkey accompanied by the Venezuelan children’s group La Rondallita on the cover of the original album. CHILDREN’S CHOIR VENEZUELA «With my sabanero donkey, I am on my way to Bethlehem, if they see me, if they see me, I am going to Bethlehem». If you were born in … Read more

“He never answered me”: Joaquín Nahuel, the pastry boy, exposed Wanda Nara and she went out to defend herself


Wanda Nara had said that she was going to order a cake from Joaquín Nahuel, but the boy said that this never happened In recent months, Twitter converted Joaquin Nahuel, the 10-year-old pastry chef who makes cakes to pay for an expensive operation that he needs, in a star. After receiving criticism from various users, … Read more

Wanda Nara faced the criticism and clarified what happened to the boy with cakes


Wanda Nara had contacted Joaquín Nahuel to make her son’s birthday cake and many had accused her of not keeping her promise “I would love if you could make the cake for my birthday son in Argentina. You are an example for any child and for the world. Never lower your arms and let no … Read more

Grupo Firme keeps its promise and delivers gifts to the boy who sings at the border


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Influencer Luisa Fernanda W goes from social networks to being a successful businesswoman 02:18 This 93-year-old Mexican fulfills her dream of having a career in business administration 03:55 A confectioner sells her delicious creations in the middle of the dreaded … Read more

Astroworld Tragedy: 9-year-old boy died wounded; total 10 dead


Father saw his son in human avalanche from Astroworld 3:53 (CNN) – The 9-year-old boy who was injured at the Festival Astroworld died Sunday, according to the family’s attorney, Ben Crump. The death toll from the chaotic concert is now 10. Funeral services for some of the victims began over the weekend, as dozens of … Read more

From a boy star to bankruptcy: the Harry Potter actor who spent his fortune on women, cars and excesses


Some of the actors in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, a film adaptation of the literary saga created by JK Rowling About to be fulfilled 20 years since the premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, some of the actors who participated in the saga saw each other involved in various controversies. One … Read more

‘We Call Him Boy Genius’: Elon Musk’s Mom Told Amazing Things Her Son Did At 12


Not just everything you touch or mention Elon musk has the possibility of turning into gold, but this luck also applies to the circle that surrounds it. This year, his mother, Maye musk, wrote a successful book where he offers the key to raising genius children. Maye musk was born in SaskatchewanCanada) in 1948 and … Read more