Jacky Bracamontes cautiva con elegante bañador rojo estilo Marilyn Monroe

Jacky Bracamontes cautiva con elegante bañador rojo estilo Marilyn Monroe. | FOTO: INSTAGRAM Con todo el estilo y belleza que la caracteriza, la guapísima actriz y conductora mexicana, Jacky Bracamontes, dio cátedra de elegancia desde la Riviera Maya con una prenda que a la vez la hizo lucir sumamente coqueta. La protagonista de Sortilegio cautiva … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes receives an uncomfortable comment from Jomari Goyso

The stylist makes a bad comment to the driver. Bracamontes annoyed by Goyso’s comments. The fans react in favor of Jacky. The television presenter, Jacky Bracamontes, is one of the most beloved and famous in Mexico. She recently attended a session with stylist Jomari Goyso to beautify her, but she ended up being criticized by … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes shows off her Mother’s Day gift from Miami

The driver always shares details of her life with her followers, so this occasion could not be the exception, since she published a series of photos where she shows off her gift of Mother’s day from Miami, a detail very luxurious and beautiful. It may interest you: Belinda shows even her tonsils in a tiny … Read more

Adamari López, Jacky Bracamontes and Chiquinquirá Delgado are among the 10 most influential personalities on Hispanic TV

In addition to television, some celebrities have made their way with other types of content, far from the editorial guidelines of television networks on social networks. Many fans look forward to each post day by day to find out what their favorite rock stars are up to. Hispanic TV. Some of them are: Adamari Lopez, … Read more

William Levy hints at “lying versions” and suspects Jacky Bracamontes

William Levy hints at “lying versions” and they suspect Jacky Bracamontes. | instagram special William Levy hints at “lying versions” and suspects Jacky Bracamontesbecause although it seemed that the affair between the actress of “Sortilegio” and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, former partner of the actor, had come to an end, the publication of the protagonist of “woman-fragranced … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes is honest and talks about her relationship with her mother-in-law

It is no secret to anyone that Jacky Bracamontes she is a family woman. The beautiful presenter has made it clear on more than one occasion through her social networks, where she usually shares the more special details of your day to dayallowing herself to be seen completely dedicated to her five daughters, Jacky, Renata, … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes is ahead of Spring with a floral outfit of mini shorts for women of 40


Jacky Bracamontes anticipates Spring with a mini short floral outfit for women over 40. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Without a doubt, the Mexican actress and host, Jacky Bracamontes, has been one of the most beautiful and popular celebs for several years, thanks to her beauty, her charisma and her unique style, which we can all imitate. … Read more

Wake up America: Jomari Goyso forgets his friendship with Jacqueline Bracamontes and talks about the attacks on William Levy


Despierta América asked for the public’s opinion. In the opinion section Carlitos Calderon spoke about Elizabeth Gutiérrez’s recent statements in which she asks for respect for the father of her children, the actor William Levy. Jomari Goyso, who has been a regular part of Univision’s morning show for several weeks, also gave his opinion about … Read more

William Levy: Elizabeth Gutiérrez spoke of the code between women. Does she hint at Jacky Bracamontes?


William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez They are on everyone’s lips since they separated. The first to announce the breakup was the protagonist of “Café con aroma de mujer” through her Instagram stories, then the American actress of Mexican descent shared a message in which she wished the father of her children the best and made … Read more

Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman”


Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman”. | instagram special Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman, especially a mother”. The presenter, actress and model, broke the silence about the controversial statements of Elizabeth Gutierrez … Read more