This is the fortune that Harry and Meghan Markle would have accumulated after leaving the British crown

The new trailer of the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry documentary for Netflix In 2020 the world was shocked to learn that Harry and his wife Meghan Markle they would leave behind the titles of British royalty. Since then, the controversial couple has apparently consolidated a huge fortune after launching books, podcasts and television shows. … Read more

Why do they insist on turning Sofia of Wessex into the new Diana of Wales if she is the most boring and sleepy royal of the British royal house

Being a senior member of the British royal family is not easy. Kate Middleton knows it, Camilla of Cornwall knows it, Meghan Markle he knew and now queen elizabeth ii wants to Sophia of Wessex I experienced it assuming a role that, until now, was vetoed: that of shining on its own. Married since 1999 … Read more

Kate, the brightest sapphire in the British crown

Almost eleven years after their marriage, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has established itself as the jewel in the crown. Her warm smile and her always pristine image have made each of her appearances the focus of attention and on such an important occasion in the calendar of the British royals as the Commonwealth … Read more

Bafta 2022: these are the winners of the British film awards before the Oscars

Drafting BBC News World 5 hours image source, EPA Caption, Actress Ariana DeBose received the Bafta mask with emotion Netflix’s moody western The Power of the Dog (The power of the dog) was recognized as best film at the British Academy Film Awards, Bafta 2022, which were delivered this Sunday at the Royal Albert Hall … Read more

Why does Queen Elizabeth love this pioneering British brand?


Queen Elizabeth II is a devotee of automotive culture. She maintains that cars are much more than a means of transportation, and she owns a collection worthy of a museum. Next, we delve into her favorite brand. March 10, 2022 10:14 a.m. The Queen isabel II it’s an icon. Both because of her figure as … Read more

Trouble hangs over the British royal family

blank Trouble hangs over the British royal family Trouble hangs over the British royal family LONDON (Sputnik) – This is a historic year for the British monarchy, which celebrates the long reign of Elizabeth II, but the prelude to the celebrations… 02.25.2022, Sputnik World 2022-02-25T18:58+0000 2022-02-25T18:58+0000 2022-02-25T21:32+0000 international Europe Isabel II United Kingdom covid-19 👤 … Read more

What would happen if Queen Elizabeth died? The British government has a precise plan


Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/23/2022 8:51 p.m. Now that the Queen Isabel tested positive for covid, and that his participation was even canceled in virtual events, rumors of his possible death were unleashed, already denied by Buckingham Palace. But what would happen in the event of his death? There is a very well defined government … Read more

Prince Harry’s memoir promises to shake the core of the British Monarchy


Prince Harry. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs/File Photo Prince Harry’s memoir will include revelations that “will shake the core of the (British) Monarchy” and that they will be particularly critical of his father’s wife, Camilla, according to a close friend of Charles of England’s son, in statements published this Sunday by the Sunday Mirror. Friends of the Duke … Read more

Prince Harry defied the British government’s decision to remove his police escort and seeks to get her back


Prince Harry REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs/File Photo Prince Harry has taken legal action against the British government’s decision to withdraw his police protection when he is in the UK and not allow him to personally pay for it. According to a legal representative of Harry, quoted by the newspaper Daily Telegraph, the duke of sussex -grandson of … Read more