Jennifer Lopez impersonator in ‘My name is’ denounced that businessman asked her for sexual favors before entering the program

Taken from Canal Caracol live One of the contestants ‘My name is’ who not only stood out for her talent, but also for her beauty, was the imitator of Jennifer Lopez. The participant, despite conquering the juries with her great performance of the North American artist, did not get enough income to continue in competition; … Read more

It’s official: Kimberly Reyes confirms the end of her marriage to businessman Federico Severini

PHOTO: Via Instagram of Kimberly Reyes Speculations about the separation between Kimberly Reyes and her husband, Barranquilla businessman Federico Severini They are not new: for several months, the couple’s followers have rumored about an apparent breakup, and even more so when it became known that they had a crisis in 2021. Now, Reyes herself revealed, … Read more

Malena Pichot accused Roberto García Moritán of marrying Pampita to “become known” and the businessman was lapidary


Roberto Garcia Moritan and Malecha Pichot Roberto Garcia Moritan Y Malena Pichot They staged a virtual fight that included strong accusations. It all started when Carolina’s husband pampita Ardohain, publicly criticized Ophelia Fernandez, who also used his Twitter account to respond to the economist. “At least they know my name and surname”, considered the legislator … Read more

Dwayne Johnson, from actor to billionaire businessman with his own business


Few things are bad for Dwayne johnson, one of the best known celebrities in the world. The American, popularly known as The Rock, had a successful career as professional wrestler in WWE, until his retirement in 2019, and just as successful is his acting career. Johnson is also one of the most influential personalities on … Read more

From English teacher to businessman: how Luisito Comunica has made his fortune


The poblano went from being a tailor’s worker to becoming one of the most important youtubers in Latin America (Photo taken from Instagram @LuisitoComunica) One of the most recognized and important influencers within the YouTube and Instagram characters is Luisito Communicates, which has been both criticized and loved by the Mexican audience. Since he has … Read more

BTS: V, are you really the boyfriend of the daughter of a rich Korean businessman?


Bts It is the greatest exponent of K-pop, as well as one of the most influential bands in the world. With followers that can be counted in the millions, the group is the absolute owner of the international scene, although it is also a victim of its fame, especially when it comes to love. MORE … Read more