“I wish you open-mindedness”: Regina Blandón responded to haters who called her “liberal”

I wish you open mindedness Regina Blandon responded to haters who

Regina was criticized (Photo: reginablandon / Instagram) Regina Blandón Not only has she stood out for her acting skills, but groups of people have strongly attacked her for being openly in favor of inclusive language, the LGBTTTIQA + community or the decriminalization of abortion. Therefore, on this occasion, the artist got tired of the constant … Read more

Merle Uribe responded by being called “paracetamol” by Vicente Fernández

Merle Uribe responded by being called paracetamol by Vicente Fernandez

Merle Uribe responded to the attacks for having had an affair with Vicente Fernández and talking about it after the singer’s death (Photo: Instagram / @ merle_uribe) Behind the death of Vicente Fernandez On December 12, controversy was once again the engagement that he kept with Merle uribe during her marriage, she was even called … Read more

The reason why Ester Expósito exploded against China Suárez was known: he called Nicolás Furtado again

The reason why Ester Exposito exploded against China Suarez was

Nico Furtado, China Suárez and Ester Exposito The China Suárez had an affair with Nico Furtado, but the relationship did not prosper and the actor began dating Ester Exposito. The couple already whitewashed the courtship through social networks when the Spanish actress published a selfie with the protagonist of The Marginal at a Halloween celebration … Read more