Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) The rumors had started long before, when few knew about it and tried to keep it a secret until the protagonists feel comfortable talking about it publicly. And … Read more

Video: Camila Homs and her new love, very caramelized in a Buenos Aires bowling alley

Camila Homs’s new love Camila Homs began a new stage of his life, after having had a long relationship with Rodrigo dePaul, the father of her two children, Francesca Y Baptist. At present, each one returned to bet on love: the model would have started a relationship with a low-profile young man, while the soccer … Read more

Camila Homs’ surprising response to Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs spoke for the first time about Tini Stoessel (Video: “Partners of the show”, El Trece) Much has been said in recent months about the romance between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo DePaul. Since the first rumors began and the relationship was confirmed with the photos that appeared of them in Ibiza, until the footballer’s … Read more

Camila Cabello shows off her charms like an angel in white summer dresses

The interpreter of young lady on this occasion left us admired for her beauty, this by showing off her charms like a Angeland I say like an angel because she wore two white dresses summerysuper comfortable, fresh and very glamorous garments. It may interest you: Michelle Salas suffers from sun spots and explains the importance … Read more

Camila Morrone’s fun night in New York, Natalie Portman’s romantic walk: celebrities in one click


In addition, Emily Ratajkowski wore a particular look to walk her dog, and Bella Hadid and Marc Kalman walked through New York Nicky Hilton attended an animal shelter event in New York and warmly greeted the press that was there. He wore a pink flower print dress, silver sandals and showed off his pregnancy (Photos: … Read more

Tini Stoessel, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic likes and movement in their social networks


Tini, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic movements in social networks Rodrigo dePaul Y Tini Stoessel they are giving more and more public signs that they are in love and giving a relationship a run for its money. In recent weeks, a controversy was generated by determining how and when their courtship began, something … Read more

Camila Homs broke the silence and referred to the separation from Rodrigo De Paul: “I don’t know Tini Stoessel”


I don’t know Tini Stoessel Camila Homs returned to Buenos Aires after having spent a few days in Spain. The model made this trip so that her children, Francesca and BaptistThey will be reunited with their father Rodrigo dePaul, the Atlético Madrid and Argentine National Team player who rebuilt his love life with Tini Stoessel. … Read more

Afternoon of sea and kisses: Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone were shown together and very much in love on the beaches of Malibu


A Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone They were surprised on the beaches of Malibu. The couple, who are not always shown together at social events – the delivery of the last Oscars is an example of this – was seen on the west coast of the United States and, although in some of the images … Read more

Los amores hollywoodenses de las argentinas Camila Morrone y Lucila Polak: la hija con Di Caprio y la madre, ex de Al Pacino

Leo DiCaprio en Saint Tropez con su novia, Camila Morrone, y su suegra, Lucila Polak Lucila Polak es modelo, actriz y argentina; su hija Camila Morrone, también. Ambas viven en Los Ángeles, son bellísimas y participaron en algunas películas. Hasta ahí su historia se parece a la de tantas personas que emigraron a la meca … Read more

Does Camila Parker already act as QUEEN? Replaces Elizabeth II with an elegant outfit: PHOTOS


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