Maribel Guardia defended Vicente Fernández after accusations of truncating careers: “No one does that, not even friends”

Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @maribelguardia Maribel Gardia defended Vicente Fernández against accusations that position him as the alleged person responsible for having truncated the career of Mexican artists, recalled some experiences of empathy that he lived with the singer and shared his point of view regarding the decision he made The Mexican Institute of Industrial … Read more

Accidents, excesses and murders: the tragic stories of celebrities who died at the peak of their careers

Marilyn monroe Fame comes with a host of luxuries and privileges. Parties, travel, expensive clothes and high-end cars are some of the most striking aspects of success. But, for many artists, the best part is being able to share their art with the world. However, no matter how much money or reputation a person has, … Read more

Sienna Miller or the case of women who pay for their partner’s infidelities with their careers | Celebrities, Vips | S Fashion EL PAÍS


There are many reasons why a promising movie star can see his brilliant career predictions fade. An ill-advised selection of projects, a dwindling vocation, a character difficult to manage even by the most patient director, some public controversy that turns his curriculum into damaged material for the department of marketing… In the case of Sienna … Read more