Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”

Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”. | Vatican Media Special Carlos Rivera confirms that he has already married Cynthia Rodríguez and calls his love “divine and eternal”. Thus, the singer of “That what is ours stays in ours”, was faithful to the decision of … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left London due to the indifference of William and Carlos

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St Paul’s Cathedral during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in London (Reuters) After participating in the beginning of the celebrations for the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left England amid indifference from the royal family. Harry and Markle invited Prince William, Kate Middleton … Read more

Gonzalo de Borbón, the cousin of King Juan Carlos who reigned in the pink press of the 80s: surprise weddings, a secret daughter and many scandals

As if of the Grimaldi concerned it seems that the Bourbons are also destined for sad and tragic childhoods and that of Gonzalo de Bourbonbrother of Alfonso Duke of Cadizcousin of King Juan Carlos and son of infant Don Jaime, could not be less. If the circumstances had been different Gonzalo from Bourbon instead of … Read more

Carlos Vives reveals that he felt nervous on his return to acting after several years of absence


IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Rafael Nieves joins the list of stars who will participate in La Casa de los Famosos 01:42 Salvador Zerboni reveals that in The House of the Famous he will show his soul 03:40 Miss Brazil Julia Gama confirms … Read more

Shannon de Lima has already lived with Alex Speitzer’s family; ‘I see him in love,’ says her brother Carlos

life smiles at Alexander Speitzer and not only because of the success he has achieved in his acting career, but also because of the flatness he enjoys in his love life. After his separation from the Spanish actress Esther Exposito in the middle of last year, the protagonist of dark desire He remained single for … Read more

“We even got married and they didn’t find out”: Carlos Rivera is well tied to Cynthia Rodríguez?


Carlos Rivera responds to wedding rumors with Cynthia Rodríguez | Instagram Charles Rivera Y Cynthia Rodriguez They have become the target of strong controversy on the subject of an alleged wedding, which they say would apparently take place in secret, before this, the interpreter of “What is ours stays ours”, responded about these versions. The … Read more

Carlos Rivera revealed what the millionaire prize of ‘The Academy’ was spent on: it was very generous


The native of Humantla, Tlaxcala, a small state in central Mexico, had a great dream of being part of this reality show, so much so that he did the casting several times until he stayed. Once his place was secured, Rivera gradually conquered the talent show stage and finally, on July 4, 2004, host Alan … Read more

Carlos Baute, confessional: the three singers who refused the duet of “Hanging in your hands” and their original marriage proposal


Carlos Baute tells the origin of “Hanging in your hands” and “I give you” Charles Baute arrives at the studio Infobae like someone who has just woken up from a dream. The adrenaline is still running through her body and she needs to count it to confirm that it is real. In her heart, the … Read more

Lupita D’Alessio and Carlos Reinoso: the scandalous romance that left its mark on Mexican entertainment


We cannot talk about the 1980s in Mexico without referring to the ardent, passionate, aggressive and scandalous love that Lupita D’Alessio and Chilean Carlos Reinoso experienced, challenging the world. Lupita D’Alessio. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images) There has never been such an explosive relationship between a singer/actress and a soccer idol like the … Read more

“Thank you Wake up America”: excited, Carlos Calderón received baby León for the first time in the show


After remembering, during the segment That’s how it all startedwhat he has had to experience as host of Despierta América, and the joys he has enjoyed during this time, Carlos Calderon had a pleasant surprise by his fiancee vanessa lyon, when bringing his son León to the program for the first time. This Monday, the … Read more