El castillo ‘secreto’ del príncipe Alberto de Mónaco

La situación del Principado de Mónaco en los últimos tiempos es complicada. A pesar de que la princesa Charlene ya se encuentra de regreso y que ha participado en algunos compromisos, las polémicas en torno a su estado y la relación con el soberano no han dejado de sucederse. Se ha hablado de un acuerdo … Read more

This is the explanation of the new face that Kate del Castillo has

Kate of the Castle it’s always news. Within the productions he makes and outside of it. This time it has been news in the second facet, because when attending the event of Netflix where the various productions that will begin to be part of the streaming giant’s grid in the following months are presented, the … Read more

Kate del Castillo showed off her natural beauty without makeup and in a bikini on her “homecoming”

Kate del Castillo is a Mexican actress, producer and businesswoman. (Photo: EFE/Alicia Civita) Kate del Castillo reappeared on her social networks to share a photograph on the occasion of her return to her luxurious mansion located in California and stole sighs by posing in a bikini while sunbathing at the edge of your pool. Her … Read more

Kate del Castillo already lives with her boyfriend’s children: her sister revealed how they get along

Kate del Castillo has commented on several occasions that has no interest in becoming a mother. “I have never wanted to order children. If he had wanted it he would have done it, period. It has never been a subject that has caught my attention, “he told the magazine ‘Jet Set’ in 2017. However, her … Read more

“He is a man who no longer exists”: Fernanda Castillo spoke of her love for Erik Hayser


Throughout the almost eight years they have been together, Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser have enjoyed a deep love that has made the actress of ‘The Lord of the Skies’ feel one of the luckiest women in the world, something that He enjoys having a lot of joy and love, just as he did in … Read more

Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squares


Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squares. | instagram special Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squareswell the actress she was seen with the most fun accompanied by family and friends in the beautiful port of acapulco. Just a … Read more

With the most tender photo of her baby, Iran Castillo shows off how much she has grown

since you arrived Demianin the House of iran castle all the members of his family have taken out his talent as a photographer. With endearing snapshots of the baby, the actress and Pepe Ramos have shared on Instagram more special images of the little one who, on March 9, turned a month. Among the most … Read more

Kate del Castillo premieres romance with Maxi Iglesias in this production


Mexican actress and producer Kate of the Castle and the Spanish gallant maxi churches They have everything ready to debut their courtship in public and give life to a romantic relationship that, for sure, will make people talk. In fact, and each on their own, the two artists referred to their brand new bond. And … Read more

Eric del Castillo makes it clear if he reconsiders getting vaccinated after learning that his daughter Kate has covid


Eric del Castillo revealed that he was unaware that his daughter Kate He tested positive for covid-19 and that he is “in recovery” at home in the US, as announced by the actress on Tuesday, January 11. The 87-year-old actor reacted to the news, which he found out through the media because he said that … Read more